Our Services
Since 1951...
We've been helping members just like you save more money and time. We can do that because, unlike banks, we don't profit at your expense. Instead, we return the profits we make back to our members as lower loan rates and fees, higher savings yields, cutting-edge services, and a member rewards structure that actively rewards your participation. We prove every day that it pays to belong.

Our members are owners . . .
At CCCU, you're an owner, not a customer. You have a voice, a choice in the way you want to bank. You're the sole reason we're in business. We're here to help you save and earn.

With a lifetime of savings options
We're committed to you for life - personal life, family life, recreation and later life. No matter what changes you go through in your financial life, we're here to help with all of them.

And a family value they can share
CCCU exists for value, not for profit. Our focus is on providing personal service to every member and special financial benefits at pricing you won't find at any bank. Because of that, our members' finances reach further. We want you to have the means to fund more of your dreams. And that's the real benefit of belonging.
Contact: Clark County Credit Union .
Location: Las Vegas, NV 89128
Phone: 1800.748.6885
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