Get the right professional for the job

local, professional and reputable

Get the right professional for the job

local, professional and reputable

Get the right professional for the job

local, professional and reputable

Get the right professional for the job

local, professional and reputable

Get the right professional for the job

local, professional and reputable

Get the right professional for the job

local, professional and reputable

Get the right professional for the job

local, professional and reputable

Get the right professional for the job

local, professional and reputable

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Specializing in custom Mahogany doors, the craftsmen at RCH DOOR Inc. have been producing doors of unsurpassed quality for the most discerning homeowners and architects for over 10 years. Our product line, which includes entry, interior and French doors, is hand crafted with artisan inspired attention to detail. These quality creations can be shipped to your home anywhere in the U.S. or Caribbean.
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Kim W,
Roger and Javier were amazing!!!!. On time, meticulous and overall a home run! Highly recommend them! They will not disappoint. Thank you Roger!
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Getting ready for your day in a small bathroom can feel troublesome. Bumping into things and feeling as if the bathroom is always cluttered can become frustrating.  One way to physically make your bathroom bigger is to hire a contractor to expand the room. Sometimes, that is not an option. Here are five tips to make your bathroom appear bigger without having to expand it.

1. Paint The Walls A Bright Color
Dark paint on walls absorb light in a room which makes the space appear smaller. Lighter, brighter colors brighten up the space. It gives the illusion of wider walls, a brighter area, and a bigger room. When choosing a paint color for your wall here are some colors to consider: white, soft pink, light blues, light greens, lavender, pale yellow, peach or cream.

2. Create Hidden Storage Space
Even the slightest thing such as the towel rod you hang your towel on can make your small space look smaller. Instead of adding extra storage pieces into your bathroom, keep everything neatly organized under your sink or in your linen closet. You can even remove the towel rod on your wall and put a hook behind your door for your wet towels. Having less things sticking out will make your bathroom feel bigger.

3. Add More Lights
Brighten up your space by adding light. The lighting in your bathroom will help it to seem larger. Go for light fixtures that are not bulky. If you have a window in your bathroom let the natural lighting shine in your bathroom. Instead of using dark heavy curtains, use sheer curtains or no curtains at all.

4. Add Mirrors
Mirrors reflect light which make your bathroom brighter and appear bigger. Use a large mirror above your bathroom counter. If you are on a budget or cannot change the mirror over your sink, add smaller mirrors on the other walls in your bathroom.

5. Minimal Decorations
Decorations can make your bathroom visually appealing, but too much can cause it to feel cluttered. Add fresh flowers or plants and a soap dish. Remember less is more and adding too much decoration is not always a good thing.

Need a professional for home improvement? Home Pros Guide is the best source for local, reputable, quality Home Improvement Pros for all homeowners.

Click here to look through our extensive directory of pros or browse our gallery of real home project photos for new home improvement ideas!

Created 02/10/2020

A home’s exterior can say a lot about you as a homeowner. When you arrive back home after a long day, do you see your house, or a welcoming, beautiful home that can wow both you and your visitors? Have an amazing home that can make anyone fall in love at first sight!

Learn the 4 secrets to making your home’s exterior visually pleasing.

1. Doors & Windows

Having clean, fresh-looking doors and matching windows can improve your home’s look overall. Check your wooden doors for wood rot or insects. If your door is coated with paint or plastic, make sure it isn’t cracking or fraying at the edges. Doors with glass panes should be cleaned every so often for a crystal-clear shine.

If your house’s home and windows are old, consider consulting a door professional or a window pro for modern, weather-proof replacements.

2. Lighting

Having lights near your doorways and entryways helps many homeowners avoid missteps and ensures a feeling of safety. However, adding more outdoor lights to your landscape can help bring it alive in the evening! Think about adding ground lights, torch lights, or even fairy string lights to your yards to brighten your whole property!

If you already have lights, make sure all your bulbs are working properly. Replace dead bulbs to prevent splotchy light coverage across your yard.

3. Security Measures

As mentioned above, lighting provides a measure of safety and security. Deter unwanted visitors with bright wall lights all around your house! Good places for lights include around your garage doors, side doors, windows, and each wall of your home in general.

4. Gutters

Gutters can be a nuisance to deal with if you don’t maintain them regularly. Neglecting cleaning them leads to a clog somewhere in your gutter, which can result in water buildup and possibly damaging your home.

Think about having a professional install gutter covers to prevent debris in your gutters, cutting down on your maintenance worries.

Need a professional for home improvement? Home Pros Guide is the best source for local, reputable, quality Home Improvement Pros for all homeowners.

Click here to look through our extensive directory of pros or browse our gallery of real home project photos for new home improvement ideas!

Created 02/06/2020

Jealous of celebrities with beautiful balcony spaces or luxurious patios to lounge on? Have you always wanted to have a piece of heaven right outside your door?

Get your own peaceful, relaxing outdoor space to call your own! Whether that’s carving out a special place in your own yard, or cleaning up your small patio space, you’ll be able to make your personal getaway right outside!

Here’s our secrets to creating that cozy outdoor space to unwind in.


1. Find the right spot to call your “nook”

Make your space feel like a secretive, cozy spot that you can describe as a nook. Well-arranged nooks can make you feel private and secure, so you’ll feel like you’ll want to return to it every time you want to get away and destress!

Create intimate, enclosed spaces, or settle in a comfy corner with well-positioned chairs. Find a shaded spot under a tree. 

2. Get outdoor furniture that’s easy to work with

For the most flexibility, get lightweight chairs, tables, and other decor that you can easily move around. This will allow you to move your outdoor furniture to accommodate the changing seasons, or have a different change of pace throughout the year by rearranging your layout.


3. Decorate your walkway

Retreating to your outdoor getaway can be enhanced by adding more decor along the way! Plant soft, lush grass on the walkway from your home to your nook, or add smooth stepping stone platforms in a decorative pattern. Add outdoor lighting like torches or fairy lights for a beautiful effect!


4. Enclose your area with a screen

Ensure your privacy with a screen or division! To hide your nook, add a shaded screen over any openings around the area, or a divider made of long, sturdy material like bamboo or wood.


5. Add plants around you

No cozy getaway isn’t complete without a few potted plants! Add leafy foliage around you in new pots in a place that gets plenty of sunshine. If you don’t have time to water them, consider succulents or cacti, which also come in various sizes to incorporate into your area.

Need a professional for home improvement? Home Pros Guide is the best source for local, reputable, quality Home Improvement Pros for all homeowners.

Click here to look through our extensive directory of pros or browse our gallery of real home project photos for new home improvement ideas!

Created 02/03/2020

Your home’s flooring is a key component in creating the overall tone and environment in your living space. When it comes to remodeling, the sky’s the limit with all of your options! Create the perfect lounge area, an inviting and warm kitchen, or a relaxing bedroom!

Let the professionals from Home Pros Guide help you pick the best floor to suit your tastes. 

Here are several tips to help coordinate your flooring selections with the rest of your home.

1. Choose the Right Material

With plenty of flooring options to choose from, from stone to ceramic, from wood to carpet or even polished cement, it can be overwhelming to pick what you please.

But keep in mind that certain materials work better for certain rooms!

  • Use carpeting for transforming cold, stiff rooms into comfortable and cozy spaces.
  • Natural stone, such as marble, can add a luxurious feel to your kitchens and bathrooms.
  • Use polished cement for an urban, clean, modern feel in open spaces.


2. Keep the Same Types of Flooring

Try not to turn your house’s flooring into a collage of different floors! If you’re going with wood, don’t mix different colors of light and dark wood. If you’re going with tiles, stay with one style and color of tile instead of multiple designs.

Add continuity to your home by having one or two consistent floor type throughout your home.


3. Be Conscious of Floor Colors and Textures

Different colors and textures can clash with each other, making your home seem disorganized, even without furniture! Avoid dark hardwood floors lining up against bright white tiles.

Instead, coordinate your different floor types by picking similar colors. Having gray wood with a soft white tile will be easier on the eyes, or a soft brown wood that matches with beige carpeting.


4. Get a Flooring Professional to Help You!

To summarize everything thus far:

  • Use the right flooring materials in the right spaces.
  • Keep your floor types consistent in your whole home.
  • Choose colors that don’t clash with each other.

Make sure to have a home professional assist you with these important flooring decisions, which can make or break your home’s ambience!

Need help locating a certified, high quality contractor?

Home Pros Guide is the best place to find flooring contractors in Florida. Browse our flooring specialists and view real flooring projects to get inspiration for your next home renovation!

Created 01/31/2020

Do you find yourself wanting a more modern or cozy home to return to every day?

With the tax season rolling around 2020, now is a great time to cash in on your tax returns by beautifying your home! Why save up for your dream home when you can achieve it now?

The sooner you invest in your house, the better your home will become for you and your family. Start the new decade right by sprucing up your home with the help of home improvement professionals!

Here’s some great home improvement ideas you can start with your 2020 tax return!

Renovate Your Kitchen or Bathroom

You can give your whole kitchen or bathroom a facelift by remodeling even one part of it!

  • Get fresh, new cabinets

  • Change out the flooring or backsplashes for tile or other modern materials

  • Refresh your counter tops

  • Transform your shower with frameless glass

Build a Walk In Closet

Start feeling like a million dollars with a walk-in closet! Talk to a custom closet professional to get a closet that has you living in luxury!

Get Amazing Landscaping

You deserve to see a beautiful front yard when you leave your home and come back after work. Consider these curb appeal upgrades:

  • Have a pro arborist trim your trees and hedges

  • Mow your lawn for a clean look

  • Plant bold, colorful flowers and green foliage

  • Add landscape lighting to illuminate your yard

Paint Your Home

A new coat of paint or a new wall color can dramatically change your home for the better! Have a professional painter come in and revive your home’s looks today!

  • Strengthen your house’s exterior on top of your paint job, sealing it from water damage and fading from the sun!

  • Give your interior a whole different vibe with a new color of paint! Cozy, warm or cool colors can bring you new ease and comfort as you settle in your home after a long day!

Need a professional for home improvement? Home Pros Guide is the best source for local, reputable, quality Home Improvement Pros for all homeowners.

Click here to look through our extensive directory of pros or browse our gallery of real home project photos for new home improvement ideas!


Created 01/28/2020

Painting a house may seem easy, but in order to ensure it is done properly you will need to consider these 4 tips when choosing a company to do the job.


Do your due diligence and seek out as much information as you can about the painters you are considering and be sure to check online reviews to see what others have to say about their experience.


When it comes to painting a complete home exterior or interior, you really need to choose the most qualified company. Again, research the companies as best you can, find out when they started and the experience level of their staff.


Before you choose a painter for your home, ask if they have a license, general liability and worker’s compensation. Having this protection not only serves the company, but also you as a homeowner.

Interview and Walk-Through

Never hire a painter without meeting him and doing a walk-through of the job site. Painters that are professional, attentive and genuinely interested in your concerns are the ones you want to consider.

Created 12/24/2019



As of recent, the housing market continues to be on the up and up making it very favorable for sellers. According to, houses are selling 8% faster in 2018 than they were in 2017. If you are thinking about selling your home in the near future, try to avoid these mistakes in order to get the most out of the value of your home:

Not Making All Repairs Needed

  • Most buyers want a move-in ready home!
  • Get rid of old or damaged carpeting/flooring
  • Hire a professional painter so that the house looks appealing
  • Get a handyman to fix beaten up areas such as cabinets, sinks or plumbing issues

Having Pest Control & Odor Problems

  • No one wants to purchase a home after they walk in and see critters!
  • Get rid of odors such as smoke or dogs and cats
  • Hiring house cleaners, carpet cleaners, and pest control specialists are essential before allowing potential buyers to preview your home

Avoiding your Curb Appeal

  • Curb Appeal is a major key in selling your home because it is the first thing people notice when arriving at your house!
  • According to Zillow, your landscape is one of the top 5 factors in resale
  • Hire a Pro Landscaper to ensure your lawn is looking pristine, and a Pro Paving company to fix up your driveways/walkways.

Having Bathroom Problems

  • Old bathrooms that are not functional are a thing of the past and need to be addressed
  • Most future homeowners want a home with 2 or more bathrooms!
  • Consult with a bathroom remodeling Pro to figure out the best plan of attack

Thinking your Old-Fashioned Home Has Character

  • Old features of a home may not be for everyone, especially the newer generations
  • Remove old wall paper, wood paneling and old popcorn ceilings
  • Hire a Pro Home renovation company to help get your house into this era!

Home Pros Guide will help you find a reputable home improvement Professional that matches your needs. Visit our website to browse our directory to get an estimate today!

Created 12/03/2019


Homeowners understand that the flooring of their home is one of its distinctive features. Depending on what type of floors you choose can significantly improve the market value of the home.  Before making the crucial decision on whether to go with real hardwood floors or laminate, there are a few thoughts to consider before making the final say.

All about Hardwood floors:

  • Hardwood floors are the most highly requested flooring type for homeowners across the U.S. with many options to choose from (such as oak, walnut, hickory, maple, and cherry).
  • Solid wood flooring can cost up to $5 - $10 per square foot including the installation, but the exact price varies.
  • Hardwood can be repaired by sanding imperfections and by refinishing making it last for years!
  • Best places to install hardwood floors is in the lower traffic rooms such as bedrooms and dining rooms to preserve the beautiful look and durability of the wood.
  • Keep in mind that sunlight could fade it because it is a natural product after all. Real hardwood floors will help your resale value in the long run!

All about Laminate floors:

  • Many new homes are installing laminate floors due to the fact that it offers a natural look similar to wood but at a much lower price point!
  • Laminate can cost close to $3-$7 per square foot including installation which is a whopping 50% less than hardwood (prices will vary of course).
  • It's made from composite wood pressed together at high temperatures. The image of hardwood is placed over the composite wood, covering it to form the laminate.
  • Excellent durability and the ability to resist scratches is a major selling point of this option.
  • Laminate is less susceptible to wear and tear from pets and foot traffic.
  • UV protection integrated into the surface provided on laminate flooring can help reduce discoloration from sunlight. Repairs are made simply by snapping together individual pieces!


Home Pros Guide can connect you to local, reputable Flooring Dealers & Installation professionals that can help install quality flooring to match your needs. Browse our extensive directory of flooring pros and get an estimate for installations today!  

Created 11/21/2019

Living in Florida has its benefits, especially when "Winter is coming" as they say in the series, Game of Thrones. Unfortunately, the cooler weather may lead homeowners to think that they should be confined to indoor activities only. Thankfully, with these great tips, you can rest assure knowing you have options to create the perfect outdoor living space to use all year long:

1. Adding the warmth to your outdoor living space is crucial in keeping that cozy feeling all year long. Try adding an outdoor fireplace, portable heaters, fire pit or bowls to the mix! Not only does it give you the winter-friendly conditions, an additional benefit can be to roast marsh mellows for the kids (or even adults).

2. No need to cover the pools until the Summer time rolls around again. Simply consider getting your pool heated to enjoy an evening dip, or finally luxuriating in the Jacuzzi/spa more often. Science has proven that a short soak in the steaming and massaging waters of a spa at the end of a long day can help you greatly reduce a lot of that stress.

3. Design your yard with cold-resistant and winter-blooming shrubs, plants, and perennials. The beautiful foliage will be an instant fix for the winter blues! Vibrant greenery such as dwarf fountain grass, lavender, boxwood and juniper will create a warmer feeling to an outdoor living space. 

4. A great way to start your holiday decorating is by using festive accents to enhance the effect of an external lighting system. LED lights are all the rage nowadays to illuminate any outdoor living area. Create a twist on home security lighting by changing the colors to reflect the Fall season.

5. Incorporating an enclosure such as a patio cover is the best way to offer protection from the elements. As an added bonus, patio covers also block out the sun during those hot-summer days providing a seasonal win/win! Enjoy the benefits of natural light during those dark winter months!

Created 11/19/2019
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