Get the right professional for the job

local, professional and reputable

Get the right professional for the job

local, professional and reputable

Get the right professional for the job

local, professional and reputable

Get the right professional for the job

local, professional and reputable

Get the right professional for the job

local, professional and reputable

Get the right professional for the job

local, professional and reputable

Get the right professional for the job

local, professional and reputable

Get the right professional for the job

local, professional and reputable

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Window Genie is America’s leader in home services. We now offer holiday lighting at our Naples location!

We also specialize in window cleaning, window tinting, pressure washing, gutter cleaning and more. Each Window Genie location is locally owned and operated by franchise partners who are dedicated to improving the look and value of homes and small businesses in their communities.
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With the pass of the years you will probably start to see cracks, potholes and other wear and tear you may be wondering where it came from and how to fix it. If this happen repairing your driveway is a good choice if the repairs will allow you to maintain the integrity of the driveway as a whole.

These damages can come from many sources, including motor oil or gas, and the weight of your vehicle.

Small cracks: Small cracks should be repaired before they spread. If not fixed they will become deeper and wider and is more likely to become an issue.

A pothole: One pothole can be easily fixed and, if addressed quickly enough, repairs can prevent future damage.

Sunken areas: If the driveway is sinking lower than your garage floor, you can patch it and make it level again.

Faded color: Don’t worry if your driveway is a different color than it used to be. While this is a sign of age, it is still fine to use. If your driveway is concrete, you can fix the color by adding a sealant.

Crumbling edges: Crumbling at the side of your asphalt driveway probably means the edges were too thin to begin with. Consider adding additional edging to prevent further damage.

If you are concerned about the look of patched concrete or filled in cracks, resurfacing it’s also an option you can consider. Resurfacing includes replacing the top layer of concrete or asphalt instead of tearing it up completely or patching small portions. This will give your driveway a completely new look.


Created 10/29/2019

Awnings can be both an attractive and practical addition to your home. They can provide shade from the hot sun, allowing you to lounge on your patio outside your home to get fresh air, while looking like a seamless accessory to your home's exterior.

Keep these 6 tips in mind when considering installing an awning on your home!

1. Type: Stationary, Retractable, or Freestanding?

The beauty of modern awnings is that there's different types to choose from! You can have stationary ones, retractable ones to adjust throughout the year, or freestanding ones that you can add without attaching it to your home! There's even automatic retractable awnings that are operated with electricity, making awning adjustments a breeze when you want to change your settings on a whim.

2. Material

From outdoor fabrics to aluminum, awnings made of different materials need different degrees of upkeep. Outdoor fabrics provide a wide variety of color choices, but need more maintenance than aluminum awnings. While aluminum may be more sturdy and don't require as much upkeep, they don't provide as much customization or looks as their fabric equivalent. Think about which material would work best for you!

3. Angle

To get the most efficient use out of your awning, homeowners should consider which side of their home the awning will be installed on, and which direction it faces. Windows or areas facing east or west benefit the most from an awning with a 65-75% drop, while those facing the south can utilize a 45-60% drop. Do your research to see which angle installation works best for your home!

4. Style

Consider all the styles that awnings come in! There's the quarter barrel, the dome, waterfall, traditional, open wing, and so many other styles that awning companies can provide. Think about which style you like best along with other aesthetic choices to add to your home's awning.

5. Color

Pick an awning color that best compliments the exterior of your home. Typically, awning colors are best when they're light, but keep in mind how your home will look as a whole over time. Also think about how the awning's color can look from the inside of your home! You can create a nice flowing transition from the inside of your home to the outside.

6. Size

How big will your awning be? Smaller awnings can be more of a decorative piece, whereas larger ones provide larger areas of shade and cover. Whether you're looking for one or the other, or even a happy medium, give the size of your future awning some thought. 

Need a professional for awning installations? Home Pros Guide is the best source for local, reputable home professionals for home improvement projects. 

Click here to browse our awning experts and galleries of awning photos!

Created 10/02/2019

Landscaping can be daunting, and missing one day of it can make your grass grow out of control into a ruly mess. Having a well-kept lawn can accentuate your exterior as a whole, reflecting well on your home and the homeowner for doing a job well done!

 Follow these 5 essential tips to taking care of your lawn, and you’ll experience the benefits of a picturesque yard with your home!

  1. Water Your Lawn

One of the basic elements your grass needs to thrive is water! If you want a healthy, green lawn, you have to make sure to water your lawn. However, you might not need as much water as you think.

As the seasons change, be mindful of the weather. Rainy days mean you can save water and a few dollars off of your water bill, while hot, sunny days might require you to provide more water to compensate for the heat evaporating the water your lawn is losing. Always be aware of the weather and how much water your lawn receives!


  1. Keep Up with Weeding

If you don’t want pesky, ugly weeds to take over your yard, take care of them before they start growing! Make a plan to prevent weed growth: survey your lawn and concrete for cracks and crannies where weeds can grow, spray them with weed killer, and repeat every other week to prevent any weeds from sneaking in.


  1. Don’t Cut Too Short

While you mow your lawn, try not to cut the grass too short! 

If the grass becomes too short, it might expose the soil to the elements, which might open up opportunities for weeds and pests to take root in your yard and making it a challenge for your lawn to grow back to normal.

  1. Mow When It’s Dry

There’s several reasons that mowing your lawn while the grass is dry is better than mowing it when it’s wet, whether it’s after passing rain or if the sprinkler just went off to water your yard. Here’s a list of risks you run if you mow a wet lawn:

  • Wet grass clippings can clump together on your lawn mower.

  • Grass clumps can lead to uneven cuts, or even patches of dead grass caused by grass clumps covering your lawn.

  • There might even be a chance of slipping on the wet grass, which can be dangerous during your mowing routine.

It’s wise to wait until your grass is dry to mow it, to save yourself the risks that come with cutting wet grass.


  1. Mix Up Your Mowing Patterns

If you have a particular mowing trail pattern across your lawn that you use too often, you might be doing a little harm to your yard’s soil bed. If you use a push mower, the wheel’s trails can press down and compact the soil over time, which may make it difficult for grass to grow. Mowing in a certain way too often might cause your grass to develop a grain, growing slanted and leaning in a certain way instead of straight up.

When you go to mow your lawn, try traveling a different path across your yard every time! If you cut the grass in one direction, cut it in the opposite direction in a few weeks. Switch between vertical row patterns and horizontal patterns as you mow your lawn so you don’t leave a permanent mowing trail on your lawn.

These 5 tips might sound like a handful, but they’re really not! Be on top of your lawn so it can be a lively accessory to your home and yard!

Need a landscaping professional for your home? Home Pros Guide is the best source for local, reputable home professionals for home improvement projects. 

Click here to browse our landscape contractors and designers today!

Created 10/01/2019

The costs of going green by installing solar panels are going down for homeowners throughout 2019. Thanks to federal government programs incentivizing homeowners to buy solar panels, families can install their solar energy system on their homes with no upfront cost and save hundreds on their monthly electric power bills!

Homeowners can look up online or contact a solar energy specialist to find out if their home’s zip code is eligible for rebates, tax exemptions, or other incentives for solar panel installations. These federally supported savings programs make transitioning to clean energy much easier, coming at little-to-no cost for Floridians and other eligible American homeowners. Electrical appliances will not only run on cleaner energy sources, but will cost you less every month on your electric bill!

Partnerships and grants help make these solar programs possible, letting families nation-wide convert to solar energy now cheaper than ever. The only thing homeowners need to do to cash in on cleaner energy is to contact a solar panel professional service to check if their home qualifies for solar panel installations at a drastically reduced cost! Additionally, homes with solar panels also have increased curb appeal and property value, as they are an investment that pays off in the long-run for long-term homeowners.

Home Pros Guide can connect you to local, reputable solar panel professionals that can help install quality solar panel systems. Enjoy an environmentally friendly electricity system that takes advantage of our Sunshine State’s sunlight, all while saving up to thousands of dollars compared to traditional power bills! Browse our extensive directory of solar energy pros today and get an estimate for panel installations!

Created 09/27/2019

Having a pool can be a homeowner's dream, but with great home features come great responsibility. Swimming pools of all sizes need to be maintained, or else your dream of a pool can become a nightmare! Who wants to worry about dirty water, algae or broken filters?


Here's 7 essential tips to making your life easier when maintaining your pool!



1. Skim and Scrub Your Pool!

Skim the surface of your pool daily to clean out any leaves or debris. But also don’t forget to scrub the sides of your pool to prevent algae growing in the grout of your tiles or other small crevices! Scrubbing your pool walls can be a bi-weekly affair -- doing so every other week should do the trick!


2. Clean Out Your Filter Basket Once a Week

Stray leaves, bugs or other debris can accumulate in your pool’s filter basket, so make sure you clean this out once a week minimum! If you want to keep your pool running in top shape, also clean out your filtration system’s pipes by backwashing it once a month! Once you start backwashing your filter, make sure it ejects all the waste particles from the waste pipe until the water runs clear.


3. Use this Tennis Ball Life Hack to Keep Your Water Clean!

Anyone swim in your pool recently? People can leave traces of sunscreen and naturally-produced body oils in your pool after a dip in your pool, which can accumulate and leave a slick oily sheen on the water’s surface. This can be solved with an item you’d least expect to help you keep your pool clean: a tennis ball!

Toss your tennis ball and let it float around. The tennis ball’s fibers will soak up and absorb the oils left in your pool, keeping your pool clean!


4. Keep Your Water Levels in Check

Whenever visitors come diving and splashing into your pool or storms rain down and add water to your pool, make sure to keep your pool at the right water level afterwards! The best water level for your pool is halfway up the opening of your pool skimmer.

Need more water? Add some water in with a garden hose. And if you have too much water, you can rent a submersible pump from a local home improvement store to drain the extra water out.


5. Run Chemical Tests on Your Pool Water

Get a few pool testing kits from a local pool store to test out the chemical makeup of your pool water! The testing kits are fairly easy to understand with straightforward instructions of tubes to fill and color-changing solutions to add. 

Find the right balance of chemicals for your pool so your pool can be perfectly safe for swimming in, avoiding eye and skin irritation while keeping out bacteria!


6. Pressure Wash the Patio!

Your patio surrounding your pool is just as important as the pool itself! Get your patio to match your sparkling pool by pressure washing the ground. You can rent a pressure cleaning machine from a local home improvement store or hire a professional pressure cleaner to do the job for you. 

By pressure cleaning off all the rust, dirt or weather-related stains every so often, your deck will stay bright, fresh and clean, which will look great next to a pool that is well-maintained!


7. Get a Pool Professional For Annual Check Ups

Sometimes there can be little issues that only an expert can catch. Pool professionals know how to best diagnose your pool’s mechanical parts, from the pumps to the filters to the heating systems, all the intricacies that make your pool tick. 

Have a pool expert come by once a year to check if your pool is working as intended!

Taking care of a pool might seem like a lot of hard work, but keeping these 7 essential tips in mind can help take the confusion and guesswork out of how to maintain your pool, and give you more time to relax in the water this year!

Need a professional for pool and spa maintenance in your home? Home Pros Guide is the best source for local, reputable home professionals for home improvement projects. 

Click here to browse our pool maintenance pros and quality swimming pool builders!

Created 09/05/2019

Do you feel like your patio is just a regular, old patio for you? Is it just a mediocre space in your backyard compared to other houses with amazing outdoor spaces to hang out and hold parties in? 


Your backyard patio has potential to be a beautiful, modern outdoor area for socializing or relaxation. Upgrade your patio and make it stylish for you and your lifestyle with these 5 tips!

deck by blue water pools

1. Give Your Patio Floor or Deck a New Finish

The floor of your patio can be an important backdrop for your backyard as a whole.

Consider giving your patio a facelift with a new paving or finish! Even a wood deck on your patio can look amazing with a new stain, but don't forget to clean it properly before you stain it.

patio furniture by the patio district

2. Rearrange Your Patio Furniture

Patio furniture can be a valuable asset to your backyard! If you think of your patio as an outdoor living room, you can imagine making it a cozy living space or mingling area for guests for conversations and comfort. 


Get decor that keeps your patio simple and classic. Place sofas along long walls and a pair of chairs facing the sofa for a relaxation hub to chat with guests.

screen enclosure by fabritech

3. Add a Privacy Screen 

 Privacy screens can do so much for your patio, small or large. They can add coverage between your area and your neighbors, or add a pleasant decorative background to your patio. 


Adding a privacy screen opens possibilities to define your patio and outdoor design.

patio furniture decor by luxa patio

4. Accessorize Your Patio!

Your patio furniture can also be decorated, not just the patio itself! Customize and coordinate your patio decor with stylish throw pillows for comfort, or a decorative wall hanging or vertical garden if your patio is against your house as a backdrop.

patio lighting by outdoor lighting perspectives

5. Beautify with Lighting

Every dream patio has nice, thoughtful lighting setups that add a bright but stylish ambiance to nighttime gatherings.

  • Use string lights for a classic, year-round festive style.

  • Consider energy efficient LED deck lights to your deck's stair steps and pathways for a more professional, clean style.

  • If you have landscaping and greenery around your patio, don't be afraid to add landscape lighting to brighten your plants and yard.

Need a professional for renovating or decorating your deck or patio? Home Pros Guide is the best source for local, reputable home professionals for home improvement projects. Click here to browse our deck and patio builders and patio furniture specialists!

Created 09/03/2019

Your backyard patio and pool area is just as much a private space for you to rest and relax in as the rest of your home. But there can be little annoyances that keep you from loving your backyard, from having to clean it from not being able to enjoy it because of the blazing hot sun!

A screen enclosure can be the solution to all the issues and annoyances you have with your pool and patio. Installing one can help make your pool area more inviting and welcoming for you and your family!

Here’s 4 big improvements you can bring to your home and backyard by installing screen enclosures!

  1. Have Shade and Comfort!

Ever wanted to stretch your legs out and relax in your backyard or pool but couldn’t because the hot sun outside was scorching the ground? A screen enclosure lets the sunlight while reducing impact from dangerous UV rays and providing shade to your patio. 

Unwind and relax under the protection of your screen enclosure without having to worry about reapplying sunscreen every 20 minutes!

  1. Keep the Pests Out!

Without a doubt, a screen enclosure will keep out any annoying pests around your patio or pool. Say goodbye to flies, mosquitoes, frogs, waterbugs, lizards, snakes, and many other unwelcome guests. Even larger animals like stray cats, raccoons, and birds won’t be able to access your backyard!


  1. Rest Easy with Less Maintenance in Your Backyard

Your screen enclosure will keep out more than just the sun and pests! By protecting your backyard and home equipment from the elements, it can bring passive benefits to your home on top of the shade it provides. 

Enjoy reduced algae growth, decreased water evaporation from your pool, and a cleaner backyard since debris won’t get into your yard! Your outside equipment like air conditioning units and water filters will experience less heating from the sun thanks to the extra shade, saving you money on the electricity bill.


  1. Plenty of Versatile Options to Choose From

Your home and backyard are just as unique as you, and screen enclosures won’t limit your ability to design your home the way you like it! There are many types and styles of screen enclosures that you can choose to customize your home. Feel free to pick the best option of screen enclosures that best fit your vision for your home!


Need a professional for installing screen enclosures in your home? Home Pros Guide is the best source for local, reputable home professionals for home improvement projects. 

Click here to browse our screen enclosure specialists!

Created 08/22/2019

The roof over your home works hard to protect you and your loved ones. But even your roof isn't invincible! It's susceptible to all sorts of issues that can build up over time.

Take a look at 4 common issues that can wreck your roofing and how to avoid them!

1. Wear and Tear from Stormy Seasons

After several months and seasons of winds, harsh rains, lightning, and debris pouring down on your home, your roof can take quite a beating!

Make sure to get a professional to check your roof after the stormy seasons and assess if it sustained any big damages.


2. Water Moisture and Leaks

If moisture from outside makes its way into your roof, it can lead to mildew or molds growing and causing you trouble down the line. It might be too late to fix your roof by the time you notice droplets leaking through!

Be on top of your roof whenever you notice a leak or a possible source of moisture coming in!


3. No Maintenance Whatsoever

Some families might think that routine maintenances are expensive and unnecessary. Ignoring your roof for too long might result in mildew or deformations in the foundations worsening when you could have prevented it from the start.

Keep your roof in check with annual inspections! If you need a Roofing Inspector, you can find the best local inspectors at Home Pros Guide!

4. Shoddy Repair Jobs

If you DO get someone to fix up your home, don't cut corners and hire someone cheap or someone with barely any reviews online! Disappointed homeowners and their roofing can fall victim to bad roof repairs by contractors who fail to do a proper job of fixing the roof.

Always look for a reputable, quality roofing contractor to help you with your roof! Home Pros Guide is a great source for Roofing Specialists that will give you and your home the skills and effort you need to get the job done.

Now that you know the tell-tale signs, make sure you take care of your roof that takes care of your home!

Need a professional for home improvement? Home Pros Guide is the best source for local, reputable, quality Home Improvement Pros for all homeowners.

Click here to look through our extensive directory of pros or browse our gallery of real home project photos for new home improvement ideas!

Created 08/19/2019

It’s that time of year again!

The Back-To-School season can be a big adjustment, not just for you and your family, but for activities around the house as well! Reorganize your home, make it work for your family’s lifestyles, and be prepared for what’s to come with the new school year!

Follow these 8 great tips to prep your home for the school year!

  1. Make your entryway school-ready!

Whether it’s the front door or your garage, your entryways will be a critical point for your whole family. Keep everyone organized by best utilizing your home’s main entrances and exits!

Use tables or shelves for shoes and backpacks, along with hooks or hanging racks for coats or jackets. Keep a bowl or basket near the entrance to easily drop off and pick up key items like wallets or keys. Adding a pin board or a dry erase board in the entrance area can give your whole family a central hub to add notes so you won’t forget anything important before you leave the house!

Need ideas to decorate your home? Click here to browse our galleries of furniture photos from quality Home Pros!

  1. Organize your kitchen workflow!

Reduce the chaos of last-minute lunches or dinner prep after an exhaustive day! Depending on your family’s lifestyle and preferences, organize your kitchen to best suit everyone’s kitchen routines!

Create sections for you and your children to do food prep, both in the fridge and in the cabinet or pantry shelves. Keep items like easy-to-eat snacks in baskets for your kids to pick up after school and when prepping lunch bags for a new day. Keep your kitchen workstations separate from the sections created for your kids to enjoy an optimal kitchen workflow!

Want the best cabinets for your home? Take a look at the best local Home Pros for Custom Cabinets today!

  1. Straighten out the laundry room

Your laundry room will see more use now that school is in session, especially if your kids play any sports or have a field day outdoors during recess or gym class! Turn this room into a one-stop laundry hub with organization tips!

Have separate hampers or laundry baskets for each of your family members so they can sort their own laundry every day. Have all your laundry essentials, like your detergent and dryer sheets, together in an out-of-the-way but easy-to-access area. Think about making a laundry schedule that works for your family to keep traffic to and from the washer and dryer machines from being too hectic.

Need a Home Pro for repairs or maintenance on your laundry machines? Click here to browse our directory of Appliance Home Pros!

  1. Keep your kid’s closet neat!

Clothes will come and go quickly from your children’s closets as the school year keeps everyone on their feet. By managing and keeping the closet neat, you can avoid your children asking you again and again where their favorite shirt or lucky socks are.

Organize your kid’s closet by sections: one for tops, one for bottoms, one for outer layers like coats and jackets, one for specific sports activities and so on. Create compartments for smaller articles of clothing like socks, underwear, scarves, and other accessories. If you see a lot of clothes going unused, consider setting them aside and donating them to a charity!

Need a closet designer? Click here to find Home Pros for Closet Designs and Professional Organizers!

  1. Create a clear study area

Your kids’ productivity will appreciate having a study area cleared up for them. Instead of doing homework at the dinner table or on the bed, see if you can clear a table or desk for them specifically for studying! 

You can spruce this area up with a desk chair, decorative cups or trays for pens, pencils, paper clips and more, and desk organizers to keep homework organized. Don’t forget to have a spot on the desk for a desktop computer or laptop, complete with a power strip close by for any phone chargers or desk lamps to prevent strained eyes!

Organizing your home doesn’t have to be a chore. It can be a fun activity for your family to refresh your home for the new school year, letting you and your kids personalize your home to work to your advantage and stylish preferences and making spaces that you’ll be happy to return to after a long school or work day!

Need a professional for home improvement? Home Pros Guide is the best source for local, reputable, quality Home Improvement Pros for all homeowners.

Click here to look through our extensive directory of pros or browse our gallery of real home project photos for new home improvement ideas!

Created 08/15/2019
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