Our firm prides itself on our expertise in bed bug extermination and pest control. We started in the pest control industry, before realizing that bed bug infestations mean utilizing specific methods, equipment, and experience to make sure that they're completely exterminated. We have years of expertise, as well as hundreds of satisfied customers in the area, so we've decided to specialize in bed bug exterminations in [city, state] We typically exterminate bed bug infestations in hotels, residences, and dormitories. If you've been experiencing an infestation of bed bugs, want to order an inspection, or require extermination, contact us. We're located in [state] and we serve [geographical area].Contact us today to schedule a professional inspection, and we'll get you the services that you need to make bedbugs a thing of the past.
Seattle Bed Bug Extermination
Contact: Julian S
Location: Seattle, WA 98144
Phone: 206.531.7404
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