Houston Grease Trap Services is a company that provides a very specific cleaning service for commercial businesses and we are currently located in Houston and service the entire Houston metro area. The main cleaning services that we provide include cleaning grease interceptors as well as grease traps. Our company is a great option for your business as we will work with your schedule so that your day to day operations are not interrupted. We completely understand your need for a professional and reliable grease trap cleaning service and we do our absolute best to provide the best service possible. We are capable of handling grease traps of varying sizes from small ones to extremely large ones that are used industrially. So, give us a call and we will give you a completely free estimate and once you're a customer, you will be able to enjoy regular discounts on a quarterly basis.
Houston Grease Trap Services
Contact: Ruth U
Location: Houston, TX 77004
Phone: 713.893.1995
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