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RHINO ROOF PROTECTION COATINGS and its parent company, WHITE GLOVE PAINTING were both founded by Budd Monisera.
Mr. Monisera has over 20 years of experience under his belt. His main focus has always been “the customers.” He has continuously been satisfying their needs while creating new innovative methods and techniques. His searching for the most advanced, durable and dependable products, has led him in the direction of contacting many different manufactures; literally throughout the world. His conversations with CEO’s along with his own personal experimentations have steered him to the finest products for every customers needs; whether it be Roof Coatings, Exterior Painting, Interior Painting, Residential Painting, Commercial or Industrial. Mr. Monisera’s experience began working as an outside sales representative for Benjamin Moore Paints in New York City and Pittsburg Paints in Maryland.

A company’s success and longevity depend upon all who are involved. RHINO ROOF PROTECTION COATINGS is proud to say that their products are by far the best in the industry. Our manufacturers are multi-award winning and consist of some of the largest and oldest roof coating specialists in the world. One of our manufacturers spends more on Research and Development than all of the competition combined.

Our painters are all certified and approved applicators from each of the different manufacturers we use. Our crews conduct business in an ethical and professional manner and agree to provide the Highest Quality of workmanship to our valued customers. Each holds a certification of approval as an approved applicator. RHINO ROOF PROTECTION COATINGS is an extremely unique and innovative Company with concepts that enable our customers the choice of protection, rather than succumb to the deterioration of their roof substrate or having their roof torn off and building a new one. Our products are actually BETTER than a new roof. They last longer, offer superior protection and save you money from the moment they’re applied to your home or building.
Location: Jupiter, FL 33458
Phone: 561.612.0278
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