What Makes the Best Advertisement?

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Advertising is far from dead, both physically and digitally. Your future customer comes across magazines and catalogs full of deals while their online devices receive plenty of emails with the same thing. If they find something they like, they’ll instantly know where to go to find it.

Using your advertising space to its fullest potential is important for your business. Your ad will only have a few seconds to catch a person’s eye. Convert your audience to customers by having a great, top-quality ad!

Our Home Pro advice applies to both print ads that you can feature in magazines and inserts and digital ads that you can post anywhere on the Internet. Read these top tips to making the perfect advertisement!


Business Information

How can a customer find information on your business? Your ad should contain all of the important information of your business. Make sure you have your company’s name, number, website, and physical address for your showroom or business. In the home improvement industry, it’s also important to say you’re licensed and insured, so include your license number as well. Most of all, make sure all of these details are easy to read and find, so when they try to contact you, they won’t be lost on your ad.

All Your Services and Options

What can you offer customers? List all of your services on your ad, from the variety of cabinetry and carpentry you can do, to the different selections of marble or concrete that you use for flooring or counter-top surfaces. Don’t leave people guessing. If a customer wants a certain material and sees that you offer it, they’ll consider you immediately instead of flipping the page to another business.

High Quality Photos

How do you best represent your company? Through high quality, exemplary work! Use the best pictures of your finished projects, from verdant landscaping jobs to beautifully remodeled bathrooms and kitchens. Homeowners want their homes to look like a million bucks, so show them million dollar photos to win them as future clients.

Before and After Pictures

How do you show off your company’s strong points? You can show how you can add value to your customers’ homes with before and after pictures. Side by side photos of dramatic transformations show credibility and skill instantly, letting readers know their home is in good hands. Gain the public’s trust with fantastic photos before and after a quality job by your business!

Deals and Coupon Codes 

How can customers find the best deals and promotions? They should look straight to your ad for the best reasons to buy your services now rather than later. If you offer free estimates (and you should!), say it in big, bold caps on your ad! Display your coupons and discount deals with the values in clear, bold numbers as well: seeing “$500 OFF” will draw any customer’s attention. Offering deals will help your ad stand out from the rest, giving readers an instant call to action, and a reason why to act.

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