Monthly Corner: Home Improvement Ideas for March

Do you want new ideas for home improvement ads or projects? Want to do something popular and fun for future customers and your business?

Welcome to the Home Pros Guide Monthly Corner!

Every month, we’ll update you with upcoming special events and holidays for you to put on your calendar. Keep your business relevant year-round with the Home Pros!

As winter draws to a close to welcome the beginning of spring, let’s look at the lineup for March.


Daylight Saving Time - March 8

Don’t forget to spring forward and set your clocks ahead by one hour on Sunday, March 8th! You can be helpful to your customers by sending an email out a week in advance. Not only is it a friendly reminder, but having your brand in their inbox will refresh their memory of you and your services.

First Day of Spring - March 20

The official start of Spring is on March 20th. Brainstorm seasonal ideas now so you’ll be able to spring (haha, get it!) on original, natural opportunities later! Spring-themed ideas of flowers, sun, and blooming are great topics for emails, promotions, limited time deals, coupons, and much more.

March Madness - March 15 - April 6

Get in the spirit of March Madness this year with your friends and family who love basketball! Ask your customers or social media followers who they’ll be cheering for in the tournament, or make up your own bracket!

If your business is popular with sporty families or individuals, take advantage and appeal to them in the weeks of March Madness!

Spring Cleaning Season

Are you ready to clean out the old and bring in the new? There’s plenty of ways to incorporate “spring cleaning” into your business!

If you do landscaping, have deals to help clean up lawns and hedges! If you’re a handyman, offer promotions specifically for moving out old home elements and helping bringing in new ones! If you offer pressure cleaning, roof cleaning, vent cleaning, and other types of cleaning services, remind your customers that now’s the best time to clean up their homes for the coming year!


Keep all these ideas in mind this March, and stay tuned for our Monthly Corner in April!

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