How to Upgrade Your Patio in 5 Easy Steps

Do you feel like your patio is just a regular, old patio for you? Is it just a mediocre space in your backyard compared to other houses with amazing outdoor spaces to hang out and hold parties in? 


Your backyard patio has potential to be a beautiful, modern outdoor area for socializing or relaxation. Upgrade your patio and make it stylish for you and your lifestyle with these 5 tips!

deck by blue water pools

1. Give Your Patio Floor or Deck a New Finish

The floor of your patio can be an important backdrop for your backyard as a whole.

Consider giving your patio a facelift with a new paving or finish! Even a wood deck on your patio can look amazing with a new stain, but don't forget to clean it properly before you stain it.

patio furniture by the patio district

2. Rearrange Your Patio Furniture

Patio furniture can be a valuable asset to your backyard! If you think of your patio as an outdoor living room, you can imagine making it a cozy living space or mingling area for guests for conversations and comfort. 


Get decor that keeps your patio simple and classic. Place sofas along long walls and a pair of chairs facing the sofa for a relaxation hub to chat with guests.

screen enclosure by fabritech

3. Add a Privacy Screen 

 Privacy screens can do so much for your patio, small or large. They can add coverage between your area and your neighbors, or add a pleasant decorative background to your patio. 


Adding a privacy screen opens possibilities to define your patio and outdoor design.

patio furniture decor by luxa patio

4. Accessorize Your Patio!

Your patio furniture can also be decorated, not just the patio itself! Customize and coordinate your patio decor with stylish throw pillows for comfort, or a decorative wall hanging or vertical garden if your patio is against your house as a backdrop.

patio lighting by outdoor lighting perspectives

5. Beautify with Lighting

Every dream patio has nice, thoughtful lighting setups that add a bright but stylish ambiance to nighttime gatherings.

  • Use string lights for a classic, year-round festive style.

  • Consider energy efficient LED deck lights to your deck's stair steps and pathways for a more professional, clean style.

  • If you have landscaping and greenery around your patio, don't be afraid to add landscape lighting to brighten your plants and yard.

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