How to Make a Best Seller Profile

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Every business needs to stand out from the rest, from their service to their storefront. In this decade where being online is key, your digital presence can help you look like a legitimate, quality company with a great service or product.

Here at Home Pros Guide, we have the formula that you can apply to your Pro account and on the rest of your websites to put your company’s best face forward. Having a strong profile will help homeowners identify you easily and helps steer them in the direction of hiring you for their next home project!

Follow these tips to making your best-selling profile today!

Have a clear logo

Most companies have a logo to help put a picture on their business. Whether it’s made up of only text or has a picture, make sure you follow these do’s and don’ts of a great logo!

DO have a square logo

Most websites prefer square-shaped pictures to represent people and their companies. Any other shapes like long rectangles can lead to parts of your logo being cut off. When preparing your logo for your profile, make sure it’s in the middle of the square image and is big enough to read.

DO have a high resolution logo

Resolution is important for having crisp, high-definition images that others can see. Low resolution pictures that are 500 pixels or less can lead to pixelated, grainy edges or muddied colors on your logo. Try to have a logo with a resolution higher than 500 x 500 pixels!

DON’T use a selfie photo as a logo

Pictures of yourself and your loved ones should stay on your personal social media, such as Facebook or Instagram. Keep your business professional by only using company logos to represent yourself.

Describe yourself in the best way

Have a sentence or two that best describes your business! You can use a catchy slogan or get straight to the point with a list of all the services or products you sell. Think of a company description as an elevator pitch: try not to be too wordy and summarize your company’s best features and selling points! 

Showcase high quality pictures

If you want your business to catch a future client’s eye, make Galleries using the best pictures that you have! Use a good camera during the day to take a picture of your finished jobs. Take pictures from different angles for multiple views, and have many pictures for each category of the services your company provides. Customers that see a company’s work might be compelled to hire them after seeing something they like.

Write reputable advice

Real professionals know what they’re talking about. Stand out as a reputable source of information by writing articles of Advice for homeowners to read. You can write about anything, from what kinds of colors are best for their home projects, to what materials you’d suggest for specific renovations. Write quality Advises and homeowners will look to you and your brand as the authority of your field.

Promote your deals

Seeing sales can convert a homeowner into a customer. Create short and catchy coupon codes and use our Promotions feature to advertise them! Set them for limited time periods and expiration dates so your leads feel inclined to cash in on your deals sooner. Think of different discounts and promotions you can do throughout the year so you can increase your business year-round!


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