How to Handle Emergency Roof Leak

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Your roof is an integral part of your home, protecting the interior from the elements. You depend on it every day without even realizing that you do. So, what happens if your roof starts leaking? How do you protect the inside of your home from extensive damage during a roofing emergency? Learn more about how an emergency roof repair can be handled. Here are some essentials you'll need to consider during a roof emergency.

Remain Calm

The first step after a roof emergency is to reaming calm. Often, roof damage appears far worse to a homeowner than it will to a professional roofer. You want to try to protect your home as much as possible, but if you panic, you will be unable to manage the steps you need to take to do so.

Protect All

Minimize water damage to the inside of your home, the first step to take when you discover that your roof has sprung an emergency leak is to do the best that you can to minimize the amount of water damage that is occurring on the inside of your home. 

In certain cases, you may want to minimize the leak while you are waiting on your roof repair services. A household tarp can be used to temporarily cover up the damaged section of the roof. In order to secure the tarp to the surface of your roof, you can place heavy boards around its perimeter.

Call Insurance Company

Contact your homeowner's insurance company. Unexpected roof damage can cause coverage for hotels or other living areas while your roof is being repaired. The insurance company will send out an adjuster who will review different roofing companies and provide those to the insurance company as proof of the damage.

Contact a pro

Don't wait too long after a disaster, and call a Licensed Contractor who can help you fixed your roof repair.

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