How Can I Make My Room Feel Cozier?

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Our rooms are a place to relax, release the stress of the day, and sleep. Having a space to call your own is a priority, but does your room make you feel at home?

Here are a few ways you can make your room feel cozier.

Paint- The color of your bedroom walls can affect your mood. Go for blues, greens, grays and whites to give your room a more relaxed feel. If you are going for bright colors that still promote sleep, go for yellow or orange.

Lighting- A mix of artificial and natural lighting is ideal. Open your blinds and curtains or go for sheer curtains to maximize the amount of natural lighting shining into your room. Add a table light on your nightstand or a ceiling light to help brighten the room when it is dark outside.

Bedding- Pillows, comforters, and blankets add an extra layer of fluff to your bed making it a more comfortable and cozy place to relax.

Plants- Adding plants to your bedroom can make it fell more vibrant. Plants purify the air and make a space more appealing. Plants to consider are: lavender, jasmine, snake plant, aloe vera, and peace lily.

Wall Art- Decorate your room with wall art to fit your style.

De-Clutter- A cluttered room makes your room feel small. Get rid of anything that you no longer need. This includes furniture that might be taking up space.

Rearrange Furniture- Arrange your furniture until you feel most comfortable with it.


We hope these 7 tips will help you turn your bedroom into a cozy sanctuary.

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