Easy steps to organize your kitchen.

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The kitchen is usually the focus point of the home. It is a place where everyone gathers for conversations, meals and homework. Kitchens become the collect-all of the home. It is a place where appliance and kitchen accessories sit on shelves or countertops and gather dust. It is time to clean through all of that clutter and reorganize your kitchen. There are many great kitchen storage solutions that you can find at any organization or home store.

Here are some easy steps to organize your kitchen.

Pull everything out of each cabinet and go through it. Most kitchens are short on storage space, so the goal is to only have things you love and use.

After your cabinets are all empty, consider what is best for you in terms of how to group items.

Now that you have groups laid out on the floor, decide where each item should be stored. This way you avoid going back and forth across the kitchen for the things you need just to make your morning beverage.

Containerize inside your cabinets. Use clear plastic shoeboxes to store food that is in tiny boxes such as gelatin or pudding mix.

Discard containers without lids, and store the remaining plastic containers either with the lids on them, or store the lids in another larger container so they all stay together.

Make use of vertical space. Place hooks underneath cabinets. This will free up a lot of cabinet space. Keep in mind that any space you can use to hang something will free up flat space inside a cabinet.

Use rotating trays to hold things such as oils, vinegars and other cooking ingredients, as well as spices, vitamins or medications.

Use drawer dividers for cooking utensil drawers and your junk drawers.

Get a magnetic sorter box to hang on the side of the refrigerator for coupons, take out menus, a notepad and pen or other papers that tend to accumulate on the countertops.

If you put your trash out at the curb one night a week, use that time to clean out your refrigerator each week to. Your refrigerator will house only current items and will be less cluttered and it only takes a few minutes.

If you invest the time and energy into decluttering and organizing your kitchen.   It is an investment that will pay of it happiness for years to come.

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