Draining Your Hot Water Heater

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Draining Your Hot Water Heater

  • Start with turning off the water valve that supplies the hot water tank.
  • Then attach the hose to the drain valve at the bottom of the water heater.
  • Open the same valve (water valve that supplies the hot water tank) then open the pressure relief valve.
  • Allow the water to drain completely.
  • When the tank is empty, turn on the water supply valve and allow the water to drain.
  • Empty the bucket periodically if you're not using a floor drain.
  • Close the drain valve and pressure relief valve so the tank can refill.
  • For an electric water heater, flip the circuit breaker or plug the unit back in.
  • For the gas water heater, turn on the gas and relight the pilot light.
  • Remember there is a potential danger of flooding, hot water heater valves that have not been used in a while or that are made of plastic have the potential to leak.
  • Make sure to keep an eye on the valve after you have closed it to ensure that there's no drip and that it's not defective.

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