Deciding between Carpet and Hardwood Flooring??

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Probably the two most common and popular choices in floor surface covering, hardwood and carpet, each has a variety of characteristics that make them favorable in specific environments to match specific needs. Understanding the nature of the materials will allow you to make an informed choice about how best to use and apply them in your home.

Hardwood Flooring Benefits.

Easy to keep clean: Hardwood has a smooth, solid surface that can be easily wiped clean. It does not allow dust or dirt to hide making it much, much easier to maintain than carpet.

Low-allergy surface: With hardwood, all you have to do is wipe or sweep the surface clean, and you are instantly free of those potentially harmful particles.

Long-lasting: Properly maintained, hardwood flooring can last for decades, and some of the higher-end materials can last for generations. This means that hardwood may even be the more economical flooring.

Can be refinished: When a hardwood floor is damaged, in most instances it can be refinished to look new. Depending on the thickness of the material, you may be able to do this several times over the life of the floor.

Timeless appeal: Hardwood flooring has been used in homes for hundreds of years, and despite constant shifts in style and trend, it has never stopped being popular. It always matches whatever colors and accessories happen to be in vogue, and can easily handle numerous different decorative choices.

Natural and ecologically friendly: Hardwood is a natural material made from trees that can be replanted and renewed. However, when buying hardwood materials, you do want to do a little research and make sure that they are being harvested by an ecologically sound company in an environmentally friendly way.

Carpeting Benefits

Softness: The biggest appeal of carpeting is that it is soft and feels great. This is particularly soothing in bedrooms, children's rooms, and some family and living room areas, where you want to promote an atmosphere of comfort and relaxation.

Warmth: It acts not only like a blanket for your feet, but it also helps to insulate the room, ensuring that warmth remains indoors and doesn't slip through more porous flooring materials.

Physical comfort: The fact that it is soft and warm makes carpet just about the most comfortable flooring material you can stand on. This can be especially important when standing for long periods of time, where harder wood floors can cause pain in the feet, ankles, and knees.

Economical: Most carpet is considerably less expensive than most hardwood materials. And although carpeting does need to be replaced every few years.  

Safety: The fact that it is so soft makes carpet a particularly safe flooring choice. With hardwood, a trip or fall can result in injuries and broken objects. With carpet, though, you have a cushion running across the entire room, making damage from an accident much less likely. This can be a strong consideration in homes with small children or elderly residents.

Sound-deadening: With carpeting, the surface of the entire floor is padded and insulated so that noise won’t easily pass up or down.

Friendly to children: Carpeting is great if you have kids because the surface provides a comfortable, safe cushioned surface on which to play. Falls on carpeting is much less traumatic than on hardwood.

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