Bathtub Reglazing Can Be An Excellent Business Opportunity In Today's Market

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Spray Painting Your Way To Success With A Bathtub Reglazing Business

Though adding a fancy bathtub is popular in high-end bathroom remodeling, reglazing a current tub is an environmentally friendly, reasonably-priced alternative for many homeowners. Especially when they are preparing a home for sale, a reglazed tub is a great value that will give a new look to the bathroom.

Experts who provide that service is in great demand, so a reglazing business offers an opportunity for success. Regardless of what happens in the real estate industry, the demand for home remodeling is expected to increase  - music to the ears of someone looking for a lucrative business niche.

What You Need To Start A Bathtub Reglazing Business?

Requiring a small amount of material and equipment, this is the type of business that can easily be started from home, either as a franchised opportunity or a sole proprietorship. You need supplies to clean and prime the tub, paint and glaze, paint sprayers and applications, as well as safety equipment - an investment of a few thousand dollars. The chemicals involved are toxic, so you will also need well-ventilated storage space.

What is the Income Potential? 

If you are looking for a way to make a tub load of money, bathtub refinishing could be the way. Whereas a new tub may cost $1,000 or more, reglazing a tub typically costs under $600. The contractor costs are less than $25 in supplies and about three hours time, making this a very profitable task. If you did two tubs a day and charged a moderate price of $300 per tub, you could clear over $2,000 per week once your supplies are paid off. You can increase the value of each job if you also do reglaze of sinks, showers, countertops, and appliances and can do the basic plumbing needed to change drains and faucets.

Before your eyes glaze over at the prospect of spray painting your way to success, you need some training and skill to enter this field and be successful. While training is available, some savvy homeowners will ask how long you have been in business and may not choose you if you have a fresh certification in your hand.

Fortunately, this service is an excellent add-on to other types of remodeling; if you also do cabinetry, painting, flooring, or plumbing, you can promote yourself as a complete kitchen and bath remodeling professional.

If you use quality materials and pay attention to detail, you will build a customer base for a service that is not only in high demand, but very profitable.

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