7 Smart Reasons to Have Gutters For Your Home This Summer

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The hard-hitting rainy seasons of summer might damage your home’s exterior. 

Gutters can help re-route the rain from the base of your house! Without gutters, water can collect and seep into your home’s foundation. Having gutters is a great way to prevent future mishaps like mold or wall damage.

Check out these 7 effective reasons why you shouldn’t go without gutters this season!

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  1. Protect Landscaping And Soil Around Your Home

Gutters can mitigate damage to your lovely plants and erosion of the soil around your house.

  1. Keep Your House From Getting Muddy

Gutters will keep the harsh rain from splashing dirt and mud up onto the walls of your house. No more gross dirt stains to wash off!

  1. Prevent Wood Rot

With gutters, rainwater that would’ve splashed up against your decks and door entrances and cause wood rot can be routed away.

  1. Avoid Getting Yourself Soaked

Ever had to rush in and out of the house to avoid getting drenched by the rushing water rolling off your house? Gutters will take the hassle out of your day by leading that water away!

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  1. Stop Mold From Taking Over

Rainwater can get trapped in your house’s siding, becoming vulnerable areas for mold, but gutters can help prevent that growth.

  1. Make Your Paint Job Last Longer

Harsh rains can leave wear and tear on your house’s paint job. Save your money and time by having gutters lead that rain away. 

  1. Keep Windows and Inside Walls Dry

Windows and other entryways are susceptible to water penetration when the rainy season runs high. Protect your home with gutters!


Pro Tip!

If you do yourself the favor of investing in gutters, make sure you keep them clean! Debris like leaves and dirt can clog up your gutters, causing the water to flow inefficiently and possibly cause unintended damage to your home. Make sure you maintain your gutters!

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