For the average property owner, it can be tough to know when your trees are in need of a trim. And, aside from obvious reasons like the tree’s appearance, it can be hard to see why they would need to be pruned at all. But, there are plenty of ways that your trees can benefit from just a simple, fine pruning or an overall crown-reducing tree trimming service.

1. Proper trimming can improve the health of your trees by eliminating branches that are dead or dying. These branches are often dangerous, and removing them reduces the risk of harm to your family and damage your property.

2. Improves the overall appearance and structure of the tree, keeping it from developing broad or weak branches.

3. Trimming your trees will increase sun exposure and air circulation throughout the tree and underlying landscape, which will improve the tree’s health.

4. Pruning fruit trees can actually improve the size and quantity of the crop.

5. Newly planted trees should be pruned to compensate for root loss and to begin training the tree for shape.

6. Tree trimming can also simply open up your property and improve your view.

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