Create a tropical atmosphere right on your backyard . What better way than breathing in the fresh welcoming air of the outdoors gathering around a beautiful Tiki Hut bar with family and friends. . A place to chat, laugh and enjoy each other’s company.

How to Design a Backyard Tiki Hut

1. Consider how you want to use the tiki hut before you begin your design plans. Decide on the functions you want your tiki hut to provide.

2. Sketch an image of the tiki hut design with a pencil and paper. On the same page, list the necessary materials and quantities needed to complete the project. Before beginning, view several images of tiki huts online, in stores or in books and magazines to generate ideas for your own project.

3. Locate an outdoor space where the tiki hut will be situated. The location of the hut will influence your design plans. Options include poolside, on a deck or patio or in the middle of the backyard. Consider placing the tiki hut in a corner that’s shielded from view to create a sense of privacy.

4. Sketch in embellishments that will add to the tiki hut. While most tiki huts are open, you can enclose the lower half of yours with lattice, rolls of bamboo fencing or other materials for a cozy feeling. Consider placing a large tiki statue at the entrance to the hut and hanging strings of lanterns along the edges of the thatched roof. Depending on how you will use your tiki hut, you may want to add to the design a counter top or bar where you can mix and serve umbrella decorated drinks and store refreshments when entertaining.

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