Terrazzo has been bringing, not only beauty to homes and commercial settings throughout the world, but a bounty of benefits that make terrazzo floors stand out from the dozens of other flooring material choices available. These benefits include:

Unbeaten durability. Terrazzo floors that were installed centuries ago still provide strength in their ongoing functionality while still displaying the same attractiveness that terrazzo floors are noted for.

Easy Care and maintenance. Being non-porous, today‚s epoxy terrazzo is extremely easy to clean and to upkeep. Needing only minimal cleaning, terrazzo floor‚s attractiveness level requires less time and effort than any other flooring material available.

Eco-friendly material. By lasting literally hundreds of years, your terrazzo floor will never have the need to be dumped into your local landfill. Some terrazzo materials can also be made with post-consumer and recycled content.

Flexible use and design capabilities. Available in a rainbow of colors for both epoxy floor coating and the aggregate themselves, terrazzo lends itself to limitless possibilities in design.

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