A clean sidewalk not only proves inviting to houseguests, it improves the look and value of your home. What use is it to have well-manicured lawns and luscious plants, only to have dirty, stained sidewalks leading to your front door? You can follow these guidelines to clean the sidewalks around your home, and improve the look of your property:

  • Address problems as soon as possible to minimize area and amount of repair required.
  • Do not park cars or other heavy equipment on your sidewalk.
  • Remove paint, tar, or other materials if they get on the sidewalk. Do not hose paint or petroleum products into the storm drainage system.
  • Sweep sidewalks to keep them free of leaves, snow, ice, or debris. Be sure to properly dispose of debris. Do not sweep them into the gutter or street.
  • Trim tree branches, shrubs, and other vegetation so they do not obstruct the sidewalk.
  • Watch for early signs of leaking water lines, tree roots, and other damages.

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