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Landscape helps you make better use of your property to get more benefit out of it. Apart from giving your property a more refreshing look, landscaping also allows you to maximize use of your yard spaces.

Landscaping Tips:
  • Break up sections of your landscape with different colors or textures using ornamental grasses, perennials and plants that grow to different heights.
  • Avoid planting flowers and plants close together as your layout may become overgrown and crowded in a year. Space plants 1 to 3 feet apart, and trim as they grow.
  • Use color to create focal points in areas that you would like to highlight, such as a sitting area, gazebo or front entry.
  • Use flowers or other types of plants that grow higher closer to your home, and plants that grow to lower heights in front of them so they are visible. However, avoid planting large-growing plants in front of windows to avoid a potential uprooting project in the future.
  • Use evergreen shrubs as a foundation plant rather than deciduous shrubs.
  • Use landscaping accessories to break up your yard, such as boulders, birdbaths or benches.

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