Get a beautiful patio or deck and enjoy an expanded living space you can use for relaxation and entertaining. A professional builder can create for you a custom deck or patio to suit your home, style, and budget.

Tips When Hiring A Deck Builder
1. Do Your Research, Check Reviews

The more informed you are before beginning the process, the more likely it is that you will make the right choices when deciding on a deck builder for the job. You should check online reviews on individual deck building contractors, as well as see if those that you are considering can provide examples of their work. Make certain that the deck builders you are considering are licensed and meet state requirements.

2. Develop A Solid Plan

Dont go into the deck building process without an idea of what you want. You should have put enough thought into the entire process to have a solid idea of exactly what it is you’re looking for. Go a step further with the planning process so you can dictate the direction of the project and the contractor can help finalize and establish what you have decided upon.

  • Develop a layout plan
  • Determine any special features that you want added during construction
  • Decide on materials and finish that you’d like used for the deck
  • Determine the scope of your budget and how much you’re willing to pay
3. Compare And Interview Deck Builders

When you’ve found several candidates for your deck building, dont eagerly jump forward and just go with one. Instead, you should make some basic comparisons between those that you’ve found.

Are the contractors licensed and insured?

  • Ask for a list of references from each contractor
  • Compare reviews and try to gauge where you’ll get the best results
  • Conduct an interview with the deck builders to determine how well they can deliver on what you want within the budget that you have dictated.
  • Get a written estimate from the contractors in question.
4. Follow-Up On The Information Gathered

Once you’ve conducted an interview with the available contractors, you might think that you’re in the clear to make your decision. However, you should do some more follow-up work before you decide to go ahead and sign the contract. Take the information that you gathered from each of the contractors, do a comparison and follow-up on the references that you were given. Contact references to inquire about the quality of the work the contractor can provide. If they dont have any references to offer, consider looking elsewhere.

  • Compare pricing between the contractors and see if they offer competitive rates
  • Verify their license
  • Follow-up on the price estimates to see if they are considered reasonable.
5. Signing The Contract

When you’ve decided on the contractor that best fits your needs and seems like they will do the best job, there is one last thing you need to do; sign the contract! You’ll want to review this document in detail, and acquire several things before signing off:

  • Get a copy of insurance information
  • Get a copy of the contractor’s license information
  • Make sure a deadline for completion is established
  • Any hidden fees or costs for changes in the project
  • Complete breakdown of pricing
  • Verification that they will be held responsible for any accidental damage

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