Pavers or concrete can enhance the look of the exterior of your house. Whether you want to update or completely redesign the look of your driveway or garden, concrete and pavers are wonderful options. 

Are Concrete Pavers Right for You?Consider these factors before you buy: 


1. Easy installation. Their flat bottoms, identical sizes, and tight-fitting shapes mean pavers go down more quickly than most natural stone.
2. Slip resistance. Driveway pavers offer better traction than poured concrete, especially on steep slopes.
3. Resilience. Pavers move independently, unlike poured concrete or asphalt, which can crack from ice heaves or ¬invading tree roots. Repairs are simple: Pull up the affected pavers, make the fix, and put them back.
4. Weather resistance. Pavers can survive freezing ¬conditions without splitting or crumbling if they meet industry standards for minimal water absorbency.


1. Color changes. Surface wear that reveals the underlying aggregate changes the overall color and appearance. Tumbled pavers are already worn but not as formal. Faced pavers have an added wear layer, but that boosts their cost.
2. Stains. Pavers absorb stains, especially oil, which require a thorough cleaning with a degreaser and pressure washer or a replacement. Sealers will stave off staining, but they must be reapplied every couple of years.
3. Repeats. Unlike real stone, concrete slabs have repeating shapes and textures—dead ¬giveaways that they're faux. You may need a pro to do an installation that disguises these repeats.
4. Weeds. Anywhere there's a joint, weeds can sprout.

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