LED Solar Ice bricks light provides a unique appeal to any outdoors. Its amazing light disperses uniquely owing to its ice brick design to create a soothing glow that enhances the environment. This ambient light doesn’t need any battery, plug or fuel. Instead it requires sunlight to charge its solar batteries to function at night. It switches on at night to offer a unique light source to light up decorative items of the lawn, garden and patio.

A Solid Brick Design

LED Solar Ice Brick Light offers a great way to light up the decorative elements such as pots, plants, walkways and stone pathway. If you have a tiled pathway, replace a block with this amazing light to see a lit up road every single night. Its compact size enables it to distribute ample lighting and easy for uninstallation whenever desired. Its ice pattern on the exterior works great at bringing a unique feel to the environment.

Solar Operated Light

Led Solar Ice Brick Light is a durable, cost-effective and portable solution since it charges using the sun’s energy to light up during the night. As long as it is placed in a well-lit area during the day, it lasts for an entire night to provide light. Once charged, you can even carry it indoors to use it as a decorative light in various rooms.

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