Shower Glass & Mirror

You can update the look and feel of your bathroom with a simple mirror upgrade and a Shower glass door that will make your bathroom look with more light, more open space and a modern look.

The size of your mirror can influence the impact you want to create.

The selection of size should also be based on whether you want the mirror to be a focal point, an accent, or merely act as the background.

• A single small mirror on a large wall will look lost and insignificant. Choose a size that is appropriate for the wall you have selected.
• If you want your mirror to be a focal point in your room, make sure it is large enough to stand out, but also define it by choosing a frame that makes it even more noticeable.

• If you want your mirror to become part of the background, you should choose one that is extra large so that its function then becomes to make your space appear larger. Don't give it a frame that draws attention to itself.
• Smaller mirrors can be used as accents, catching light here, reflecting an interesting object there. They can also be used in groups. If you do plan to use smaller mirrors in groups, remember that together are acting to form a much larger shape and these could act as a focal point in the room.

The Dimensions and Measurements of your Shower Doors:

Accurate measuring is essential to ensure a proper fit for your shower door —always measure twice for accuracy.

The door you select should match the height and width of your shower’s opening. If the enclosure area is new, do not take any measurements until the enclosure is complete and the walls are finished.
Follow these steps for accurate measuring:

Measure the opening width: Determine the distance from wall to wall at the top and bottom of the opening. The measurement should be to the nearest 1/16th of an inch. If these differ, select a door using the larger width for a bypass door, or the smaller width for a pivot door.

Measure the opening height: Determine the distance from the top of the tub edge or shower base to the top of the wall unit or tile wall where you want the door to be located. Then measure vertically at both sides. The measurement should be to the nearest 1/16th of an inch. Select a door with a height less than or equal to the smallest of these measurements.

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