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A window dealer can find the right windows for your home and install them correctly. Correct window installation is the key to getting the peak performance out of your windows. Window dealers work with hundreds of window companies to get you the right size and style window for your home.

Essential steps for a proper window installation
1. Verifying measurements

A good installer should always verify all measurements to check for errors. Such routine precautions help ensure your total satisfaction.

2. Inspecting and preparing the opening

Carefully inspect the rough opening to make sure all materials and wall pieces are in good condition. At this stage, necessary repairs can be made to prevent old problems from reoccurring with the new window. The installer should then adjust the opening to ensure effective, durable support for the new window.

3. Positioning

This key step determines how a window will perform after installation. Without securing it permanently in place, set the window in the opening so that the glass is as close to the warmer part of the opening as possible. Proper positioning reduces heat loss as well as condensation.

4. Insulating

There are several insulation methods and products available. Your needs should be analyzed during the first visit in order to determine the most appropriate solution for your home. During the current installation the customer has decided to install urethane insulation and this will ensure sufficient air tightness.

5. Exterior finishing

The exterior caulking ensures water tightness between the window frame and the exterior siding. The installer should pay particular attention to the condition of the flashing. The installer should use waterproofing products appropriate for each installation and chosen to sustain the expansion and contraction of the building materials without coming detached.

6. Interior finishing

Your specifications and choice of finishes will determine whether the window extension jamb is made of wood or vinyl, as well as the interior casing model and finish.

7. Inspecting and approving the installation

Once the installation is complete, the installer should inspect it with you for your approval. At the same time, he should take the opportunity to explain how the door and window operates, go over warranty coverage and give advice on how to maintain the product.

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