One day you may happen to be one of the many homeowners who remodel their home every year for one purpose or another. Remodeling can be great if you’re trying to add value to your property or change the existing layout of your home. Changing your home to give it a more open feel or expand your kitchen; even adding a 2nd floor to your property.

Home Remodeling Tips to Keep You on Time and Under Budget

1. A small addition can be just as expensive as a larger one. Much of the time and expense of a remodel—pulling permits, hiring a contractor, and performing the demolition—are baked in regardless of the project's actual size. Don't underestimate the cost of even a small addition. Also beware of skimping on scope. Saving a few bucks now is no good if you have to open your wallet even wider to finish the job later.

2. Don't rush the planning. Take the time to consider everything you want and prepare detailed plans with your architect and contractor, before you begin demolition or construction.

3. Check all zoning and construction regulations in your area. Also make sure you know which permits are required. As tempting as it is to just get started, do all of this before you begin.

4. Resist the urge to turn your house into a completely different one. If your renovation plans start getting so ambitious that you are basically transforming your house into a different, much much bigger one, it might be better to simply move to a larger house.

5. Remodeling is a slow process so don't rush it. Don't go making any plans that rely on the project's completion because you will run into delays. Take your time and build in plenty of extra time to finish the project.

6. Keep the lines of communication open with your architect and builder. Especially when the going gets tough. There are few problems a little communication can't solve, and few problems that the lack of it won't make worse.

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