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Every homeowner wants to protect and elongate the longevity of their doors and windows, especially in areas that experience frequent storms and hurricanes. Many homeowners invest in home protection, ensuring that these sections of their homes remain intact and functional to protect their property. 

Research has shown that the volume and intensity of storms are steadily on the rise. This is part of the reasons why impact doors and windows have become a staple for homeowners in areas susceptible to natural disasters. 

Impact doors and windows are layers of security that save homeowners energy and money. At a general level, they keep the debris from getting into your home. Impact doors and windows are ideal house installations in hurricane-prone regions and stormy areas.

Benefits of Installing Impact Doors and Windows

1. Strong Protection

Hurricanes, when not kept from getting into your house, can live it in ruins. Impact doors and windows are made to ensure that your house, especially the interior, is left unscathed by hurricanes.

2. Protection of Your Properties from UV Rays

Impact doors and windows do more than just keeping hurricanes at bay. They shield harsh ultraviolet rays from penetrating your doors and windows into your home. When ultraviolet rays hit your furniture, carpet, or hardwood floors, they can cause their colors to fade. Impact doors and windows ensure this does not happen. 

3. Increased Energy Efficiency

Increasing utility bills is one of the house maintenance costs homeowners are grappling with. Impact windows and doors reduce solar heat absorbency and retain them during summertime or winter evenings to decrease the home's utility costs. 

4. Easy Installation

As a homeowner, you may balk at installing impact doors and windows based on the presumption that it is tiring. You should have in mind that setting up one outweighs the consequences of not doing so. The installation of impact doors and windows when left in the hands of professionals is a one-time and easy process. Impact doors and windows provide continuous protection right from the time they are installed.

5. Enhanced Aesthetics

Unlike hurricane shutters, storm-proof doors and windows look like regular doors and windows. The difference is that they protect your home during storms and hurricanes. Since they are not shut like aluminum hurricane shutters, you will still have a clear view through your glass windows, letting light into your home while being able to look outside during a storm.

6. Noise Reduction

Impact doors and windows reduce the amount of noise that comes into your house in addition to protecting your house from hurricanes and storm damage. Loud, outside noises can disturb your household activities, especially if you are living close to a highway. Installing impact doors and windows is a surefire way of keeping the noise level at a minimum. 

7. Improved Insurance Premium Discounts

For many insurance companies, impact doors and windows installation are recognized as protective measures against storms and hurricanes. They can recognize this and see your home as highly safe. They will offer reductions on your insurance premiums and, as a result, save you money.

What are the Different Hurricane Impact Window Styles

• Double Hung Window

The double-hung or double-sash window features two panes of glasses that can move up and down. The top glass panel is fixed while the lower pane is operable. They are capable of reducing cooling and heating costs owing to increased energy efficiency.

• Casement

This window is fixed with more than one hinges on the far side of its frame. This forms a moveable fixture that can be opened outwards like a door. 

• Bow and Bay

This window style consists of two operable, angled windows fixed at a central immovable panel. The central fixed panel, which is the bay window, protrudes outward. The bow window is the bay window that is curved inwards. This offers an expanded outward view from the installation area. 

• Gliding

Gliding impact windows feature two sashes with one sash fixed and the other sliding past it horizontally. The two stashes slightly overlap each other to enable sliding of one over the other, hence the gliding name. This window closely resembles an expensive casement window. It is also similar to a double-hung window, except that double-hung windows operate vertically. 

• Picture Window

Just as the name suggests, picture windows allow an onlooker to enjoy a picturesque view of the surrounding the window looks out to. It is large and fixed directly into the walls of a room. 


Different Hurricane Impact Doors Styles

• French Door

This is a door installation option is considered by many homeowners who want to give their house an elegant look. A French door is a pair of doors that has a construction of glass panes running throughout its length. French doors are versatile, affordable, and sturdier than they appear. 

• Entryway Doors

Entryway doors are back, front, or side doors constructed from a variety of materials such as steel, fiberglass, or wood. The most popular option is fiberglass because it is less prone to rust like steel. This door style redefines the aesthetics of the entry point into your home. 

• Sliding Glass Doors

Sliding glass doors are doors designed to slide horizontally over a stationary panel. They provide natural light and energy efficiency into a home. 

• Metal Doors

This is a door made of aluminum or steel and stands up very well against debris from hurricanes and storms. They also provide homeowners with top security. 


Maintenance Tips to Make Impact Doors and Windows Last For as Long As Possible

If you like the new look of your impact doors and windows after installation and want to keep them that way for a long time, there are ways to ensure they last longer without removing them for a new one. 


 Clean Regularly

To keep your impact windows in tip-top condition, wash them regularly. Wash them with a microfiber cloth and water-based soap. The microfiber cloth is absorbent and ensures that your window is left unscratched at the end of the day. Always rinse with light pressure water before washing with soap to remove accumulated dirt that may scratch the window. 

 Don't Use Petroleum-Based Products and Solvent

Petroleum-based products are made of volatile organic compounds and mineral spirits. They are effective in dissolving dirt, grease, and oil on a surface.

However, they pose health, economic, and environmental challenges. Petroleum-based solvents are highly flammable making them dangerous for business organizations and homes. More so, the chemicals are toxic enough to lead to a rise in health concerns such as cancer. Avoid using these cleaning products to keep your home and loved ones safe.

 Check for Issues

It is important to check the windows and doorframes for any damage. Check the frames, locks, and sills. Once an issue is detected, do not make changes by yourself. Consult an impact windows and doors expert. 

 Close During Hurricanes

During hurricanes, do not open the impact doors and windows with the thought that letting in some air will minimize the impact of the winds on them. Impact doors and windows are designed to be sturdy enough to deal with rough rain and wind.

 Mop Off Excess Water

Water on the impact window should be wiped off as soon as it is sprayed. Make sure to use a squeegee or absorbent cloth to remove any excess water. To do this properly, start at the top of the window and move downwards. The wiping off should be accompanied by a microfiber cloth. This will ensure that no drop of water is left on the window. Shake water off on the squeegee after each wipe to avoid leaving more water on the window.

 Apply Hurricane Film on Doors

Reinforce how impregnable your door is by installing a transparent film. They block ultraviolet sun rays from coming through your door into your home to discolor your fabrics and carpet. Leave this additional layer of security around for a year.


How Much do Impact Doors and Windows Cost? 

There is no regular cost for the installation of impact doors and windows. Hurricane doors and windows can start from about $325, depending on the square footage of the installation area. Custom orders, door/window style, new or replacement, permit cost, time of the year, and material choices also influence their cost. Note that the better the quality of the impact door or window, the more costly it becomes. However, a top-quality impact door or window will pay off in the coming years. 


Where Can I Start Impact Doors and Windows Installation? 

To install your hurricanes door and window, you will need the assistance of an expert. An impact door and window installation expert is well trained and well versed with the intricacies of making hurricane door and window installation. They will oversee the project from start to finish. 

The impact door and window installation companies featured here Home Pros Guide has well-trained professionals in installing hurricane doors and windows. Our customers’ satisfaction comes first. They will do everything to ensure the installation is properly done to protect your home from hurricanes, storms, and intruders.  You have a 100% lifetime guarantee of all the products installed by them. Get in touch with us today to get started.

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