Repair or replace your gutters is one of the best investments you can make to protect your home in several ways. The immediate benefit is that the water is less likely to pool around your foundation and landscaping as well contributing to the longevity of your home’s exterior and minimizes maintenance.

Gutter Benefits:
Prevent Basement Flooding

Water that accumulates on the roof will eventually find its way into the home and start to cause long term damage. On its way down, it can collect on the foundation, seeping into the basement walls and creating a damp atmosphere. This environment can naturally lead to mold and mildew growth while standing water in the basement can bring about permanent damage to the property.

Prevent Water Staining

Water dripping from the eaves of the roof will hit the ground creating a backsplash that can stain the home. In times of heavy rain, water that falls down the outer walls of the structure can cause damage not only to the siding but also stain brick and stone masonry.

Preserve Home Exterior

Gutters that deflect water flow from exterior doors and windows can also help preserve the longevity of these external features of a home. High rain flow not only causes staining and streaking but can also permeate in any minor opening in the homes exterior, making doors and windows more susceptible to rot. Having rain gutters in place will minimize this threat.

Avoid Foundation Problems

Ideally, dirt should be higher at the foundation of the home and slope away from the house gradually. This will prevent water collecting near the home’s foundation.

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