When you decide to remodel your bathroom, you’ll be provided with two options for selecting a shower door: Framed or frameless shower doors. Most people today prefer frameless glass shower doors because of its elegance. A frameless glass shower door can make a bathroom look bigger or show off a beautifully tiled shower. Along with this, a frameless glass door also has many benefits. Take a quick glimpse.

1. One of the vital benefits of a frameless glass door is its sleek and modern design. As it doesn’t have any visible frames, the door fits well in almost all bathrooms.

2. Compared to the traditional framed door, frameless shower doors are easier to clean and maintain. It doesn’t require any tracks; there is no channel for mildew or mold to grow.

3. Frameless glass shower doors don’t contain a metal frame, so there is no risk of corrosion or rust. This feature typically allows a frameless door to outlast a framed model.

4. Frameless glass shower doors are made of thicker glass to support the panels which makes the door durable. And also, you can get a custom fit door instead of limiting yourself to the sizes in stock.

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