Think of a floor sealing as a protective layer that will improve its appearance and durability. Sealing a concrete floor is important for protecting your investment. Stain protection is the main reason for sealing floors, especially in areas of your home or business where food and drink will be consumed. Pets may also cause damage to a floor that can be prevented with a properly applied sealer. New floors should be sealed upon completion, while existing floors should be sealed every 1-2 years based on wear-and-tear.

Floor Sealing will lock down the colors and provide a high gloss. Depending on your desired sheen, floor sealers are available in a variety of gloss levels, ranging from matte to high gloss. Additionally, specialty sealers tinted for color enhancement can be used. Finally, if your floors are in an area of your home where moisture is common (kitchen, bathroom, entryway) a sealer with a slip-resistant additive is a good idea.

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