There are many kinds of doors with different purposes. Doors are largely defined by the materials they are made from. Also, door classification varies due to the mechanism and usage. Hiring a door dealer is the better way to find the perfect door that better fit to your house.

5 Things to Ask a Door Dealer
1. Ask Questions About the Business

Be sure to ask how long they have been operating.

Find out if they have any required permits for selling and installing garage doors.

Ask if they have liability insurance in the event that one of their servicemen is injured while installing your door.

Find out if they have a showroom where you can see all the options in person.

2. Always Get References

Ask for examples of other garage doors they have installed, such as previous customers or commercial sites.

Find out if they’ve done any work in your specific neighborhood, where you would recognize the location.

Always ask for photos of previous jobs as well!

3. Pay Attention to What They Are Asking

Did the garage door dealer want to know about your requirements for the project?

Did they ask you, first and foremost, what your budget is?

Did they make sure that they know what your home’s architectural style is?

Did they present more than one option for your garage door?

Did they offer advice on how to balance functionality with style and durability?

Did they ask if you wanted to see a virtual mockup of the new garage door in a Design Centre?

Did they give you a detailed quotation, leaving nothing to the imagination?

4. Ask About Warranties

Find out if they offer a warranty on the installation.

What about on the garage door itself?

And on the garage door opener?

Be sure they give you a written document with all warranty information.

5. The Takeaway

A garage door is a very large moving part that can be dangerous if not installed correctly. Take the time to build trust with a garage door seller by asking thorough questions.

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