Concrete Leveling

What happens when a concrete slab sinks or settles? Whether sunken concrete occurs in a patio, sidewalk, garage, warehouse or elsewhere, it’s usually important to correct this structural problem as soon as possible. Most of the concrete leveling techniques result in permanent repairs

  • Mud jacking goes by other names, such as slab jacking and grout pumping. This concrete leveling product is a slurry of liquid grout that is pumped under a sunken slab to force it upwards by hydraulic pressure.
  • PolyLevel is sometimes mistakenly referred to as slab jacking. This concrete leveling product is a two-part foam engineered to expand immediately upon injection beneath a settled slab
  • Re-leveling grout is sometimes used to skim-coat sunken concrete as an alternative to slab raising. The settled slab is simply left in place, and fresh grout or concrete is placed over the old surface.
  • Concrete grinding is a leveling technique that grinds away protruding edges and corners, primarily on concrete sidewalks where slab sections have settled or heaved.

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