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The quickest way to give your house a squeaky-clean look is to restore your stained tiles and grout to a neat and stunning state. Whether it is your home or your workplace, flooring leaves a very positive and loud impact.

Ceramic tiles are the trend of the town and have been for many years. To decorate the walls and floors, ceramic tiles are the answer for most people. They are cost-effective and durable too, as tiles are the primary choice for homes and workplaces. The most common area in a home or a workplace where tiles are used is a kitchen and bathroom. Maintenance of a clean and smooth appearance of flooring is a challenging task. 

Tiles prevent dirt and stains, but on the other hand, grout, being porous, can absorb dirt and spills, so it can get grimy easily. Dust and dirt can accumulate over time, giving your grout a dirty look in the entryway. In the case of the kitchen, spills are the common culprit of dirty grouts. Soap, mildew, dust, and water stains hinder the appearance of the most elegant tiles if you don’t frequently clean your bathroom tiles, resulting in dirty bathroom grouts. When we talk about beautiful and clean looking floors, counters and walls, that also means cleaning the tiles and grout.

We know getting your hands into cleaning your tiles and grout is a tough, tiring, uncomfortable and messy job. Tile and grout cleaning professionals can provide the deep-clean results that some homeowners can’t create themselves.

Importance of tile and grout cleaning

A clean and glossy floor always attracts the visitor’s attention at first glance while arriving in a place. It can build a powerful impression in their mind. Because grout has thin lines which help to hold tiles, those tiny lines get dirt build-up with time. That’s why it needs constant cleansing.

The most comfortable place for allergens like mold and mildew to get packed up is the bathroom. The main reason is the bathroom’s humidity, which helps mold grow and create health issues for people with allergies. Grout cleaning is the best solution to combat contamination. It’s not very difficult for the dirt and dust in your grout to transfer from one place to another and spread.

What are the advantages of tile and grout cleaning

Tiles and grout cleaning have several advantages. These are some of the most crucial benefits:

• Extends the lifespan of your floor
The tile floor can be saved with the help of constant cleaning and maintenance. It prevents them from having wear and tear caused by dirt and different contaminants. Oxygenated bleach can help clean tiles and keep them in presentable shape for a long time.
• Keeps the floor looking great
Tile and grout cleaning can create a big difference in the look of your home. It can make your floor look great with the help of scrubbing. You must ensure that your floor cleaner mops regularly and clears out the dirt in the grout cracks. It will give a sparkly clean look to your floor. Professionals can do it more efficiently and adequately, especially with hard-to-scrub the dirt.
• Kills bacteria and other harmful germs
Nothing in your home is as important as your health. Whether it is an office or a home, constant tile cleaning is the way to decrease health risks. Scrubbing out the dirt from the grout will destroy harmful germs laying on the floor and mildew or mold to prevent allergies.

How do professionals clean tile and grout?

1. It is crucial to use an appropriate method of cleaning the tiles and the grout. For this, the professionals will begin by examining the floor, looking at what type of tiles you have and if there are areas with damaged grout that needs repairing or filling.

2. The second step starts with scrubbing the grout between each tile with a balanced pH cleaning solution. This makes the grout’s porous surface let go of all the absorbed dirt and dust. They remove the most stubborn dirt – and are not afraid to go deep, hard-to-reach places.

3. Most of the tile and grout cleaning companies/professionals use advanced heat-based technology, high power vacuum, and high-pressure rinse to remove dirt, grime, and kill bacteria with fast drying time.

4. To further secure your tiles and grout, professionals apply a penetrating sealer that protects against mildew and staining from up to about two years. This finishes their job.

Why should you leave it to the professionals?

You should mop your tiles or vacuum marble floors daily. However, you won’t get the desired results because dust soaks up deep inside the grout. Avoiding professional assistance may cost you a lot in the long run.

There are many product recommendations and DIY cleaning recipes (including vinegar, baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, and others), but the cost and time you might invest in DIY cleaning will never give you the desired results as a professional cleaning firm. Hiring professional tile and grout cleaners can save your expensive tiles.

Here are some reasons why you should leave it to the professionals:

• Well-equipped

Tile and grout cleaning requires the right tools. Tile and grout cleaning professionals have every product and piece of equipment needed to do the job. Cleaning tiles and grout on your own may damage your floor because of a lack of knowledge about the necessary equipment. They have enough experience in cleaning different kinds of tiles without damaging them. Moreover, a lack of knowledge about proper cleaning equipment may take you a long time to clean your house, or your efforts might end up in disaster.

• Improve your tile’s durability

The durability of your tiles will improve if one utilizes the proper cleaning methods. Products and equipment also have great importance in this regard. Your floor will remain in good shape for an extended period if cleaned correctly. If you tried to do it on your own to save some money, you might end up buying new tiles due to the damage you will cause from a lack of awareness of how to treat your tiles. Professional tiles and grout cleaners will visit your house once or twice every month. So, it’s better to hire professionals instead of troubling yourself and wasting a lot of effort and time. It may be costly compared to cleaning on your own, but it’s still worth it.

• Restore old tile and grout

When homeowners purchase a used house, the tiles and grout can be tainted and old. The services of grout cleaning firms are required to restore the old tiles for you. They have the methods that turn old tiles look as good as new. It saves you a lot of time and effort to deal with a dirty bathroom.

• Money-saving

Although it is apparent that you have to pay them for their services, it will save you a fortune. Here’s how:

Vinegar or other homemade recipes can ruin your grout – DIY cleaning recipes with vinegar, as well as some of the best grout cleaners in the market, can potentially damage your grouting, resulting in loosening the tile and causing impairment. Loose tiles are vulnerable to break over time. Broken tiles may be a hassle later on in finding the exact pattern or design as the rest of the tiles in your home.

There may be a case that those tile models are no longer available in the market. If it’s still available, you might have to buy a whole box of tiles just to replace one or two on your floor. Even if you manage to buy the same tiles to replace broken ones, new, out-of-the-box tiles won’t look similar to your worn-out tiles, so your flooring might look inconsistent.

This awkward placement of new flooring in a group of old tiles is noticeable and hurts the overall look of the room. A professional’s tile work is far more durable and reliable than on your own; it ensures the tiles’ longevity, which can be priceless since tiles are an expensive commodity. If they are properly maintained, then you can avoid the cost of replacement and repair.

• Hassle-free cleaning:

When you hire a team of professionals, you prevent yourself from getting into the confusion of choosing appropriate cleaning products or equipment. Testing different products can be an expensive and time-consuming option. Professionals don’t need testing; they have enough experience to select the right product and tool, especially for hard to reach areas.

How much does it cost to clean tile & grout with professionals?

Cleaning grout and tiles will cost $451 on average, but they usually vary between $279 – $644, depending upon how dirty it is and the size of the area. Because of varying floor sizes, you may have to pay anywhere between $140 to $1,000. The cost of cleaning the grout depends on the number of grout lines, for example, small tiles mean more grout lines, which gets more expensive. Typically, you may have to pay between $0.50 to $3 per square foot.
Usually, professionals charge according to per square foot (including material and time as well). However, some may charge a fix/flat fee per room ($300 to $500), or have per hour charges. Tile and grout cleaning takes around 3-6 hours, and Pros charging per hour may take $30 to $50. 

How long does tile and grout cleaning last?

Tiles and grout should be cleaned minimum once every year with the help of the professionals. If your tiles are mostly exposed to outdoors, pets, or frequent foot traffic, you should get them cleaned every 6 months.

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