Bahamas Shutters

Bahamas shutters are a type of window shutter that is mounted on the exterior of a home at a 45-degree angle. They‚re hinged at the top, making it easy for you to pull them over your windows before a storm. Bahamas shutters can remain propped open at all times, left partially open, or can be completely closed for privacy.

Here are a few of the benefits of Bahamas shutters:
  • Storm protection: The main function is to provide protection during a hurricane. The hinges are located at the top of the window, and they‚re thick and durable enough to withstand the strong winds and heavy rain of a hurricane. All you need to do is close your shutters, and deployment just takes minutes.
  • Privacy: They add privacy to your home. With the way the shutters are designed, you can see out but no one can see in.
  • Shade control and light regulation: Florida is known for its extremely sunny days. Bahamas shutters also perform the function of light regulators and can filter out unwanted light from the sun. Too much light from the sun can also cause higher temperatures inside the home. Bahamas shutters can help regulate this problem and keep your home cooler.
  • Design variety: Bahamas shutters are usually made out of sturdy aluminum, but they can also be made out of wood. Some people choose wood, but most people prefer aluminum because of its long-lasting properties.

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