Auto Insurance

Auto insurance is something everyone who owns a car must have. Auto insurance is mandatory because it provides some protection in case of an accident. Auto insurance protected you against financial loss in the event of a theft or accident. While you pay your monthly payment your insurance agrees to pay the losses if in the event of an accident as outlined in your policy.

There are 3 types of auto insurance Property, Liability, and Medical. Property Auto Insurance covers any damage to your car. Liability auto insurance covers bodily injury or property damage that the other car has sustained during an accident. Medical auto insurance covers the cost of injuries and sometimes lost wages in the event of an accident.

Basic Personal liability insurance is required by most states. Most auto insurance coverages are priced differently and do have customizable options to find coverage that suit your budget. Auto insurance policies last generally for 6 months to a year and are always renewable. An auto policy usually covers the driver and any household members that might be driving your vehicle. Auto policies also provide coverage for someone who is not on your policy but is driving your car with your permission.

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