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Florida Shutter Factory, South Florida’s leading provider of hurricane shutters, has designed the ultimate line of hurricane protection products available today. The Eyewall Armor® family of hurricane protection products consists of the Streamline, 6.8 and HR Accordion shutters, FullView™ and TC-UltraView™ Bahama shutters, E.A. Colonial Shutters, MS56 and EA44mm Rolling shutters and multiple EA Storm panels.

What separates the Eyewall Armor® family of hurricane protection products from other products is the focus on how well they stand up to the elements over time. We use only Class A shutters for maximum protection.

Since the mid 1990’s, Florida Shutter Factory has focused virtually every detail of the Eyewall Armor® designs to not only surpass all local, national and international testing standards, but to survive the harsh, salty South Florida environments far beyond the next closest competitor. Locking devices are typically stainless steel, brass or aluminum and all possible areas where the stainless steel is in contact with aluminum have been treated with the very best coatings and isolators available today. The end results are systems that can be easily serviced and lubricated (even by homeowners) where needed, or designed in such a way that no service is necessary, resulting in superior systems with a significantly increased service life.

Many consumers do not realize or consider that all hurricane shutters have a service life and we have seen competitor’s products fail to operate in as little as four years!
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