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Avelino's passion for design is sure to transform your rooms into welcoming and embracing spaces. In fact, with her high standards of delivering mood enhancing ambiance, rather than solely beautiful interiors, Fabiola is confident your home will be admired and thoroughly enjoyed by you and your guests.

Fabi's design inspirations are as varied as and exciting as your dreams and aspirations. Be it classical elegance, industrial minimalism, or modern glamour; not only does she create exquisite design and finishes that embody aesthetic vision with an artistic signature, but she expand the possibilities for each with an eye on today's eclectic interiors. Constant, however, is her close attention to detail and craftsmanship. As well as the thrive to exceed your expectations.

Fabiola creates designs that incorporate and reflect the personalities of each of her clients. She uniquely draws from a multitude of styles, combining contemporary and classic, bold and subdued, to achieve an individual look that is inspired by the goals of the Owner, rather than by a particular popular trend.
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Location: Las Vegas, NV 89139
Phone: 702.605.0200
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