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My Real Estate experience began in 2002 as an investor. For years, I had dedicated myself to buying, selling, and leasing my own properties with the help of other agents. I have seen first-hand the many pitfalls that may and do arise during the negotiation and purchasing processes. This experience has allowed me to bring my knowledge of negotiation and research to all my buyers. Being well informed and prepared for what may arise allows for a smoother buying experience.

During the course of my career I have been involved in several industries which relied heavily on research, marketing and negotiations. This experience has allowed me to bring my expertise to the real estate consumer. I now dedicate all of my time in helping consumers with what is usually the biggest purchase they will make.

If you allow me the opportunity to represent you, I promise steadfast and informed representation throughout your transaction. I will tackle any problem that may arise, from appraisal issues to repair negotiations. Let me handle all the nuances that accordingly come with real estate.

Don't hesitate in contacting me with any questions. I'd be glad to help.

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Evan Compean, REALTOR®
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