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Every year you perform the same ritual. You dig the pressure washer out of the garage or basement and start blasting away at that black stuff that's all over your property. You wonder how dirt can come back so fast and be so difficult to remove. You have to get the spray about an inch away from it to remove it. The problem is, it's not dirt, it's ALGAE.

Algae starts out green when it grows in partial sunlight but in full sunlight it forms a black shell to protect itself from the sun and becomes very difficult to remove. It´s spread by the wind, so no matter how well you clean, IT WILL BE BACK.

What if you could prevent it from growing in the first place? That was my thinking when I developed 5-Year Algae Blocker. With the help of a few biochemical engineers, we came up with an ingenious solution. It's simply mixed with water and can be applied wth a sprayer. Both pet and plant safe, it dries to form an invisible barrier. It works on any surface that algae grows on. Of course it's not going to last five years under all conditions but has actually protected longer in actual field tests.

You should clean the surface before the first application, but after that just re-apply it at the first sign on any algae returning. You'll be amazed at how clean the sun and rain keep you property once algae isn't able to grow on it.
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