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HTR BUSINESS CORP is a Pompano beach located company specialized in top quality finishing and refinishing of wood cabinets and furniture in general.

We apply all kinds of finishing lacquers in our projects, like paint, color matching, stains, glazes, open grain, and exotic woods, to name a few.

With a crew of 5 professional, lead by Heitor da Silva, the company founder and main finisher, we are able to tackle any project, specially high end finishing projects for major South Florida woodwork shops, painting companies and designers.

We are committed to provide a quality work, with a lot of attention to detail, for example, we bubble wrap all the parts after they are done and dried, making sure the transportation process do not cause flaws or blemishes on the final finished product. We work with the best brands and materials to assure top quality on the end job.

If needed, HTR will work extended hours to have large projects delivered on time, our motto is “no project is left late or poorly done” and we will play by those rules in everything we do.

We are one of the only shops that can deliver the best finish or refinish on site!

Contact us for a free estimate, and to see samples of our work, so you can see how good our job really is. If you have your own finishing/refinishing department, we will work together with them to free up their time so assure completion of your projects.

As a Homeowner, you have options!

Another option for worn or dated Kitchen cabinets is to Update your existing kitchen cabinet by changing the existing color (with hundreds of color options available), blend and re-coat. Other applications available are glazing, distressing, paint, paint and rub throughs, toning the wood darker, and adding accent colors to islands in any color you can dream up.

So there are many possible avenues besides the costly venture of “starting over”, saving the homeowner thousands of dollars. “Many of these upgrade finishes can increase the value of a kitchen by 3-4 times its original value. Best of all, the cost is around 1/10th that of a new kitchen and the end quality is often much better than what you can buy new,” Dan claims. The process typically takes only 2-3 days at the house with the cabinets and 1 week with the doors at the shop.
Location: Pompano Beach, FL 33069
Phone: 954.773.9319
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