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Premium Painters is well known throughout Florida and now Virginia for having Larger Crews to Get the Job Done FAST! We make the painting process, whether interior or exterior, residential or commercial, convenient for you. We are the company you go to for certainty. With 18 years of experience it is worth it to have our written estimate to compare with other licensed painting contractors.

First, we make your project a priority. With 15 estimators throughout 20 counties, we can be at your home or office right away to give you a complete written estimate that details the type of materials used, how many gallons will be applied, and your warranty information.

An estimate from Premium Painters is a great comparison tool to use while considering other painting contractors and their estimates, we help keep our competitors’ prices honest. We detail everything from cleaning, sanding, drywall repair, carpentry, priming, and painting so that your expectations and ours are the same at the beginning as it is when the job is complete.

Our goal here at Premium Painters is not to do one paint job for you but to be your painter of choice and that can only be accomplished with what we call “legendary service”.
Location: Naples, FL 34120
Phone: 954.994.7876
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