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Never Clean Your Gutters Again®
Since 2001, homeowners throughout Minnesota and Western Wisconsin have trusted Gutter Helmet of Minnesota for gutter protection products that are superior to the rest. Our maintenance-free gutter covers have a multi-patented design that was invented more than 30 years ago and has helped countless homeowners keep their gutters free of debris. Our gutter guard system features a bull-nose edge that is specially coated to efficiently channel rain water into your gutters while keeping out leaves, twigs, seed pods, asphalt shingle granules, and more. It can even prevent birds and other animals from nesting in your gutter system.

There are many benefits to choosing our gutter protection system. Most importantly, once Gutter Helmet is installed on your home, you’ll never again have to climb a ladder to perform the potentially dangerous task of cleaning your gutters. Gutter Helmet also can protect you and your home from mold and mildew that can infiltrate attics, basements, and open wall spaces due to clogged gutters. Additionally, it can prevent landscape erosion and water damage to your home by keeping gutters clear and rainwater flowing through the proper channels.

Outstanding customer service and prompt installation. This company should be commended for hiring such professional and courteous individuals to represent Gutter Helmet. ~ Phil S.

In addition to our gutter protection system, we can also install new, seamless gutters. Our gutters are made of durable .032 gauge aluminum and are custom cut to perfectly fit the unique dimensions of your home. Our gutter system also comes in a wide array of distinctive profiles and attractive colors to beautifully complement your home. Additionally, we offer a gutter heat cable that reduces the formation of icicles and prevents the buildup of snow on your gutters.

No matter what products you need, you can rest assured they will be installed by highly skilled professionals with years of experience. We also provide a lifetime warranty on all products. Additionally, if your gutters are fitted with a Gutter Helmet gutter guard and they clog, we will clean them for free.

For more information about our gutter protection systems, heated gutter systems, and gutters for residents in Minneapolis, St. Paul, Edina, Cottage Grove, and all nearby areas, contact Gutter Helmet today. Don’t forget to ask about our financing options for qualified homeowners.

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