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After working in the home improvement industry for many years the owners of Titan Garage realized it could be done better, at a better price for the homeowner, and with even better quality. The owners expriences are what gave birth to the amazing company now known as Titan Garage and they vowed to do whatever it takes to treat the customer and employees like family. At Titan Garage we value the relationship we have with the homeowners and want to give every homeowner a perfect floor and an unforgettable experience in customer service and craftsmanship.‚Äč

Because the team at Titan Garage values its customers and the employees we purposely pay our employees a better wage than most and at the same time keep our overhead down so we're able to give our customers the best pricing for the industries best coating.

Titan Garage's mission statement says everything you need to know about our amazing company. Our mission statement was strongly influenced by our Christian faith and so is every aspect of our business.
Contact: TITAN G
Location: Bradenton, FL 34207
Phone: 941.343.8791
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