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Don’t get “Stucc” when it comes to choosing a company to fulfill your home or business stucco needs. Selecting the right company in South Florida to handle your Stucco work is not an easy task. Too often a bad experience is associated with hiring a contractor in South Florida. It is often hard to get a referral for the work you so desperately need because contractors go missing, calls go unanswered, and jobs never finish. That is why we make it easy to fulfill your stucco needs. Our consulting and management services make sure your job is done right. Our team works with professional contractors to insure your work remain on time and on budget. Have no fear, Stucco Kings are here!

Stucco Kings LLC was founded by CEO Joseph Phillip for the sole reason of filling a void in the South Florida housing market. The mission was to develop a consulting and management company that would deliver high quality services to both residential and commercial locations.
Stucco Kings
Contact: Joseph T
Location: Fort Lauderdale, FL 33312
Phone: 954.266.8133
License Number:
CC# 19-RC-20100
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