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The problems with chlorine stem from the very reason it’s so useful – it’s ability to kill bacteria. When chlorine is introduced into water, it kills pathogenic bacteria. But when it’s introduced into the human body, it destroys our beneficial gut bacteria, where an estimated 70% of our immune system operates.

When chlorine mixes with even minute amounts of organic compounds that are often found in water, harmful by-products, called Trihalomethanes (THMs) are produced. These by-products produce free radicals in the body, which trigger cell damage — and are highly carcinogenic, even in small amounts.

Chlorine has been utilized to sanitize water for ingestion to get rid of waterborne diseases for many years. It is quite successful at eliminating pathogenic agents and diseases.

It happens to be commonly used simply because it’s low-cost and straightforward to manage and keep an eye on.

Chlorine very easily keeps a continuing level in the water distribution that proceeds safeguarding water to drink resources from microorganism development.

This is the reason chlorine is recognized as the most effective disinfecting products. Regardless of its usefulness and low-cost capability to sanitize the water supply, chlorination possesses several issues of its own.

Whenever chlorine is employed as a h2o treatment solution, it brings together with organic matter within the water to create resultant effect substances called Trihalomethanes (THMs).

These substances are poisonous when ingested, breathed in, or applied to your skin. Investigation carried out on the health effects of chlorinated drinking water has revealed a number of toxicity problems.

The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) has determined that there exists evidence to support a potential connection between long term exposure to high levels of THMs and cancer of the bladder as well as suggestions of an connection to rectal and colon cancers.

Furthermore, the Environmental Research Foundation points out a number of scientific studies connecting moderate to heavy usage of chlorinated plain tap water by expecting mothers with increased miscarriage and birth defect rates.

Water disinfection is extremely important to eliminate the viruses and bacteria in the water however there are additional disinfection techniques that don't deliver these toxic by-products.

Galene Water Treatment has the answer, Carbon filtration which adsorbs chlorine without leaving any unwanted effects on your water source.

Adsorption occurs as soon as your water comes in contact with the carbon filtration system. Carbon gets rid of chlorine, tastes, smell and organic and natural substances to provide thoroughly clean, filtered water to each and every faucet in your house.

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