We offer Grease Trap Cleaning, Grease Disposal, and Grease Maintenance services for all of San Diego County. To get reliable service, contact us, The San Diego Grease Trap Cleaning Company, a routine service provider that specializes in grease trap and interceptor pumping, cleaning, and documentation of the same. Ensure your grease trap issues are solved on time to prevent damage to your plumbing and sewer facilities. This is through highly trained and experienced service technicians who not only clean but inspect the pipes for any damage. It is also facilitated by our authorized transport equipment like large tankers and pump-mounted trailers. We have after-hour, early-hour, emergency, and regular monthly subscriptions which attract a handsome discount. Call us for a free estimate!
San Diego Grease Trap Cleaning
Contact: Peter B
Location: San Diego, CA 92113
Phone: 619.598.0087
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