We are an Indianapolis based pumping and cleaning company that services your grease trap as long as you are within a 20-mile radius of Indianapolis, Indiana. Experiencing any problem related to grease traps and grease interceptors, and their cleaning and pumping? We can handle all that! Our commitment to this field is illustrated by our extensive fleet of trucks that can pump and clean any grease trapping device regardless of its size. To support our equipment capacity, we have expert drivers who are specialists in pumping out and cleaning out grease traps to maximize their productivity. Our solutions can be used by manufacturers, hospitals, hotels, or any other establishment that has installed a grease trap or grease interceptor. Are you in Indianapolis, IN? Give us a call to get grease trap services.
Indianapolis Grease Trap Services
Contact: Carlo R
Location: Indianapolis, IN 46208
Phone: 317.548.1925
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