Nashville Grease Trap Cleaning provides grease management services that are affordable and fast. We work with restaurants and other businesses that use grease traps. Our specialty is cleaning grease traps and pumping grease traps. Our business also cleans and pumps grease traps with our grease interceptor services. We have a large fleet of pump trucks, including 2000 gallon tanker trucks and small pick up trucks. This allows us to service grease traps of any size whether it is a small trap or a huge commercial grease interceptor. We will schedule a service at any time that fits your needs so our visit doesn't impact your business. Our services ensure that you are compliant with the City of Nashville codes. We clean, pump, dispose and document. Get your free estimate today.
Nashville Grease Trap Cleaning
Contact: Jeff D
Location: Nashville, TN 37203
Phone: 615.510.1980
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