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Mr-Paver is extremely competent in repairing your brick paver surface. There are various circumstances which may occur that will require some type of repair work. Over time the underlying soil may shift, settle and/or raise causing unevenness across the paver area. Some pavers may be broken or the sand between the pavers has been displaced. Whatever the condition is of your paver surface, Mr-Paver will inspect and determine what kind of repair method is needed to restore your surface.
The number one advantage that interlocking pavers have over concrete, asphalt and any other pavement materials is that it can be repaired. Unlike uniform or large surface repairs, pavers that are installed over sand can be pulled up in sections and replaced without compromising the integrity of the entire installed surface
Our company encounters all kinds of repair projects every day. Through the years, we have learned that each repair job is unique, and so we vary our repair solutions appropriate to the situation. We specialize in repairs of all kinds of pavers. Whether it is installed in your patios, pool decks, walkways, or driveways. .
We provide outstanding results and total customer satisfaction. These are our guarantees to all of our clients from Broward and Palm Beach Counties.
Call us today for free estimates or other concerns that you may have regarding your paver repairs.
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